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    High School Student - Freelance Video - Live Production at Allison Park Church - Check out my gear at this link --> https://kit.com/JWMFilms
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    i7 6920HQ
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    MacBook Pro Logic Board
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    16gb 2133MHz DDR3
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    Radeon Pro 460
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    MacBook Pro
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  1. Yeah, but they all have to have features that are unique and match their prices. The thing that separates that A7iii and the A7riii is mainly the 42 megapixel sensor. What will separate that A7iii from the A7siii and also won't over shadow the FS5M2?
  2. Yes, I agree 100%. The FS5M2 is and should be better. I'm just trying to figure out how they will improve the a7iii by giving us the a7s iii and not have it be better than the FS5M2. For the most part, those improvements could be better lowlight, maybe 4k 60 maybe, maybe 10bit external. It just doesn't seem like sony left themselves enough room to differentiate the $2000 sony a7iii from the more expensive a7s iii.
  3. Yeah, I would really like to see 4k 10bit come to the a7s III, but thats not even available internally on the fs5 so I doubt it.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't seem like they have a lot of wiggle room between the A7 III and the FS5M2.
  5. With the A7iii at $2000 and the new FS5M2 at $5200, what features can Sony actually put on the A7s III that separates it from the other A7 line of cameras. I’m assuming it will have all of the A7iii features like great auto focus, the newer body design, and slow-mo 1080p120. But, I don't know if they will put things into the A7s III like 4k 10bit or 4k 60fps, because the FS5M2 is can only do those via an external recorder. So, what do you guys think Sony will do?
  6. So I recently started using a first gen Moto 360 with my iPhone 8+ and I had not issue until I updated the android wear app the version 2.0. After upgrading, I cant see the watch face menu or the fitness menu. And ideas about how to fix this or why this is happening?
  7. Yes, I meant that it nullifies the danger of doing a partition
  8. Ok, so using the RAID 1 pretty much nullifies the partition, great!
  9. Hello guys, I have a pretty simple question. What are the pros and cons of doing a partition on a drive vs having two drives. I want a 1 tb partition for a time machine backup and the rest as mass storage. I want to run the WD My Book Duo in a raid 1 for redundancy.
  10. Ok, so I have a MacBook Pro 2016 15in (Yes, I know you all hate me), but I have seller who has 2 apple thunderbolt displays and will sell them to me for $200 each. Can you guys try to find me a better monitor for content creation ( Video editing and photo editing ) and let me know.
  11. Ok, the touch screen is cool, but the macbook is no slouch with a 226ppi screen and a 16:10 aspect ration. Not to mention the p3 color gammat and the almost perfect out of the box color accuracy.
  12. Whats the resolution of the surface screen? The macbook is 2880 by 1800
  13. I think is going to be less limited than you think, both Nvidia and AMD have drivers out for Mac for almost all of their cards. In the Dev Kit they include a normal RX 580 not a special one. I see where your coming with because back with the old Mac Pro you could swap graphic cards but only some were supported.