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  1. It’ll be impressive to see if the 6700XT is cheaper and faster than the 5700XT at only 150w pls no more space-heater wars
  2. How is this news? I’ve seen this with a plethora of products over the years
  3. You’re delusional. A TV has been a household staple for decades, it shouldn’t be accounted for with the price of a console.
  4. I feel like a few people missed his point. He’s saying that the wealthy could (and would) pay high amounts for the ‘highest-end’ phone. One of the few things that are unaffected by the wealth gap are smartphones.
  5. Just give it a Japanese sounding name and people will flock to it
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that a budget MacBook would be a smart move? (For media consumption + phone pairing shits)
  7. I can’t wait for fortnite to just die. I have friends who’ve ruined their grades and bank accounts from playing it. One of them even starved himself, not buying any food besides 20¢ ramen, for a few weeks to get as much vbucks as possible.
  8. I saw this coming, I already had a kid drop out of my school mainly to ‘play more fortnite’ he was probably gonna drop out anyways, but still.
  9. I was actually looking forward to get a mate 10 (or something similar from hauwei) after my contract ends in April. R.I.P. that idea, galaxy s9 time I guess?
  10. The fact that my iPhone 7 is a slug after the update really concerns me, It’s just over a year old...
  11. I failed 7th grade cause all I did was play LoL... thank god the game got too shitty to enjoy, season 3-5 were the golden ages
  12. I was taking an exam and missed the past hour, can someone sum it up?
  13. m40x for closed back hd558 for open back (or SHP9500 if you want soundstage)
  14. Can’t wait to lose my liver just by glancing at the price