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  1. Yeah the beard is half of it lol. But also BFGDs are nearly irrelevant now and it was back when Shadow was around
  2. Here's the video and software Kilrah alluded to earlier. The software Linus used was Dual Monitor Tools. Thankfully I found that video because I never would have found the program. It seems Linus was able to game without issue while having an extra phantom display connected. So that's promising. http://dualmonitortool.sourceforge.net/index.html This video is just over a year old. But my god does it feel so much older lol.
  3. I'll look into a new AVR. Unfortunately right now apparently many receivers can't properly display at 4k@120 due to a major bug. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2020/10/24/ps5-and-xbox-series-x-friendly-av-receivers-reportedly-hit-by-major-hdmi-bug/?sh=61959f9597e5 On top of that, the CX series is still having a major stuttering issue when G-sync is enabled. LG is "confident" they can provide a firmware fix. I'm praying they're correct. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2020/10/20/lg-pledges-to-fix-latest-oled-tv-nvidia-rtx-30-glitch/#73bf09d6314b
  4. @LinusTech I think I recall you running into a similar issue before. TL;DR I want to upgrade to 4k@120 TV setup but keep using my old AVR for 5.1 ch audio. Best option? BTW to everyone else, I'm aware it's very unlikely Linus will respond
  5. I'm upgrading to a LG CX TV along with a RTX 3080 in the near future. LG's 65" is actually on sale for $1900 today. But my receiver only supports HDMI 2.0, and I would really like to keep using it for my 5.1 channel audio setup. What's the best way for me to achieve this? I really don't want to ditch my perfectly good receiver. So help would be quite appreciated. Current options I can think of: 1. Run an extra HDMI cable to my AVR and extend the display so I can send audio to it. -This seems to break HDCP 2.2 support. -Having an unconnected screen is
  6. John Archer found in his review the display to have a clear stuttering issue when running 4k 120. LG has since stated they are "confident" it can get fixed with firmware. Did anyone at LMG notice a stuttering issue when doing this review? https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2020/10/18/lg-oled48cx-oled-tv-review-the-xbox-series-x-and-ps5s-best-friend/#5ae1140e5b7e
  7. As a headphone enthusiast, I'd really like to see a vid doing a round up of the great $200 or less headphones out there. As opposed to doing absurdly expensive stuff or cheap junk. You could collab with DMS again or a few other youtubers. You'd be surprised just at just how many great affordable options there are today
  8. WTF. Linus talked about being excited to try out 120 hz 4k on his TV. And then he didn't even bother testing out the game at high frame rates. I'm genuinely curious if he got 4k120 with g-sync working without issue. I wouldn't be surprised if his HDMI cable wasn't good enough or the TV needed new firmware or something.
  9. The best unRAID usage resource for a beginner is Space Invader One's channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDfnUn74N0WeAPvMqTOrtA
  10. When I did my unRAID build I learned first hand about why you may want to go Intel lol. I only got everything working because luckily some other user had the same issues and found solutions. So if someone actually wanted to use a build like this, what would Linus's recommendation be for handing VM boot up? I'm guessing he uses the unRAID phone app?
  11. Do you really not know? It's Fall Guys.
  12. I'd recommend anyone just signon for YT premium if they feel that. It is actually a good value if you also use YT Music I didn't realize LTT had the premium subscriber option on YT. Are there any benefits for joining on YT?
  13. Maybe your monitor's HDMI input doesn't support anything higher than 60. Usually you have to use displayport to get to most out of a gaming monitor.
  14. LTT is not the only place I've seen/read about Seasonic PSUs. For clarification, are you saying the OP shouldn't bother with Seasonic altogether?
  15. So you're saying having the cable plugged in completely prevent boot up? That can be caused by a faulty cable. Although it working after you're in Windows would indicate otherwise. You should try a different cable just in case.