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    Hypervisors, networking, open source, python, automation and cars
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  1. ESXi has more functions to test and better your skills for example something like ansible deployment. But if you just gonna do some basic things to run some services for yourself and friends, you could also use proxmox does not really matter tho. because one ESXi server is free anyway and easyer to use.
  2. TSMC (the main supplier for AMD chips) can't get any raw resources at this moment and time, mostly because country's like Germany are still in lockdown where the raw resources come from. That means that production is not 100% and to add on top of that is AMD ofc not the only manufacturer that needs chips from TSMC....
  3. yep sorry, typo. But it still stands.
  4. no, don't use raid 6. You can only lose one disk. The only advantage with raid 6 is faster repair. Because you use 2 parity disks instead of one (RAID 5). This means you use more cpu to calculate(if no raid controller), its slower and you still have the same amount of storage space as you would have with RAID 10. But RAID 10 is way faster in read and write. And you can lose 1 disks per RAID 1 set. Why is it important that you can lose more then 2 disks. Well Murphy's Law.... If you are restoring the data you make a big hit on the disks so the chance that another one breaks is highe
  5. I agree, its fun to make your own host on that machine. But it's way cheaper to just rent a space from a hosting company. If it is only one website.
  6. ESXi is not a bad choice (if there is support for the machine). But Proxmox what @Electronics Wizardy mentioned is also a good alternative. And I think that a I5 4gen with 8/16 GB of memory could work for everything you mentioned. So then it would be a type one virtualisation with 2 virtual machines on them. A router in a virtual machine is not a best practice, but certainly possible and for a home setup it does not matter that it is not really best practice.
  7. yes you could certainly, it will run one website on it. But would you want to? For a small project to not really use in the future yes. But I don't think the power cost of that old machine is worth it. If you wanna make a webserver of it, there are lot's of ways to do so. You can make it easy to just install WAMP or other software like that. Or you can make a dedicated webserver of it with ISS on windows or apache or nginx on a linux/unix distribution.
  8. Depends what you wanna do with the Ubuntu server VM. If you just want to try things out with it. I would use personally Virtualbox or VMware workstation. Its easy to rollback, change or delete. But if want to really use it for something like a minecraft server or for hosting a website. Its better to do it in HyperV if it is a Windows 10 pro box. Because it's more stable just like @smokeweedeveryday said.
  9. It will work, Proxmox is just a stripped debian distro with packets pre-installed.
  10. hyper-v is a real pain in the ass with network cards. I've not seen it work proper ever. But is VMQ enabled on the VM? Else you could try Switch Embedded Teaming. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/virtualization/hyper-v-virtual-switch/rdma-and-switch-embedded-teaming
  11. Good tools are always handy to have (if you have the money). And if you learn to repair it you could maybe repair other phones to and make a small profit and having fun while doing it. The iphone you have now is already broken and it's not gonna fix itself. And what are you gonna do to it? break it more? So what right. And what @Lii said. Ifixit is experience. But the quality and service is good. So if you have the money. Just buy a good kit and then you also don't support the throw away society.
  12. You can try to update the drivers. But that's kinda the limit that i have on knowledge about Windows
  13. Well, its true, any of them will work (for ports) but you must install the drivers. because some ports will not work if you don't
  14. if that does not work, do what @AndreiArgeanu said.