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  1. TheNinjaNextDor


    I got DT 770s in the 250 ohm version, but I use a Fiio E10.
  2. If he's not overclocking get a non-K CPU and a H97/similar board.
  3. TheNinjaNextDor


    I would say that if you want to use them with your phone without a DAC then you almost have to get the 32 OHM version.
  4. He might have also just made that his username and have no bias. @AMD Lover has a 780 Lightning
  5. Nb Eloops or Scythe Gentle Typhoons are the best I've used.
  6. That will fit. I think your RAM is low enough.
  7. Uh OCN forums are so damn hard to navigate

  8. NiP vs COL in like 10-20mins

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    2. TheNinjaNextDor


      oh damn 7-5 now not bad

    3. aricleather


      They tied it 9-9 now.

    4. TheNinjaNextDor


      i missed the end because of the GOTV DDOSer :(

  9. Jaun+Juan=adopted Juan