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  1. Does anyone have an ideas for how to dress up as Edward Snowden for Halloween?
  2. I have around 5 thousand family photos that I need to organize does anyone have any suggestions on where I should store them
  3. Does anyone have any extra one plus one code or know were I can get one
  4. I had a product key but then I lost it
  5. I was trying out Ubuntu but accidentally formatted my hard drive and lost my windows 8.1 product key now I want to go back is their any way to search my motherboard for the product key
  6. Look at the boy scout handbook and put all that stuff in there also lots of first aid and maybe pedometer for hiking

    Fan Help!!!!

    So I am building a computer and everything works perfectly except my case had five fans and my motherboard has four fan slots the fans have two connecters one to plug into the motherboard the other into the psu the problem is I cannot figure out how to plug in the fans to the psu btw the fan plug to the psu is a 3 pin male thanks!!!!!!!!! a diagram would be helpfull
  8. Im 13 and was born on march 6th lol
  9. I recently bought a bunch of stuff from new egg that came with rebates. although when they arrived in the mail there was nothing about a rebate how do I activate my rebates thanks
  10. dont get anything on amazon its all about new egg and tiger direct!!!! yeah but amazon just says thestuff is really expensive then "marks it down" to normal price
  11. Has anyone seen any black friday deals for the windows 8.1 OEM
  12. thats either bs or u need to refresh
  13. Sorry for the inconvinience
  14. I am having trouble deciding on a gaming mouse the choices are the thermaltake level 10 or the razer death adder I am also open to other suggestions thanks!
  15. Oh that sux do u know anyone in the US who could mail it to you
  16. I receptively disagree with you and apologize for my previous comment it was not meant to be offensive merely a roast on a fellow LTT member
  17. It is a matter of personal preference, launching personal attacks on someone shows the attackers lack of confidence in his own argument neither of us are doing any harm recommending different keyboards to whoever started this topic I am sure will use his own mind to decide which keyboard to use. I have owned many mechanical keyboards and am surly not a noob. If you feel so strongly about this nobody is stoping you from buying a ducky shine 3