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  1. looks p neat, like that it has a phono preamp right now though i've been doing some reading on the rega planar 1 and pro-ject debut carbon, how do those stack up against this assuming i pair them with a good preamp
  2. i'll be using powered speakers (JBL LSR305) it'd be cool if it came with phono preamp but if not thats fine too i guess
  3. i listen to breakcore and jungle when i do listen to music, but i hope to do a fair amount of production on these i don't have an amp or interface or anything like that, so if i need one i'll just buy that regardless of budget
  4. this looks too inconspicuous https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATX-Desktop-Computer-Case-Without-Power-Supply-new/223172629288 edit: this one looks to be in better condition and actually has a semi-normal layout internally https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Chenbro-SR209-White-ATX-Tower-Chassis-Server-Workstation/142627851418
  5. hello epic gamers i don't want people seeing inside my apartment and stealing my shit so i'm gonna move my components into a sleeper case mobo is atx, card is 9.8 inches long but i don't think i'll have clearance issues in an atx case
  6. Assuming this is a storage drive, pretty much all you have to do is move the files from one drive to another. If you have any Steam games on there you'll have to configure the new location of your Steam library, but everything should work pretty much flawlessly from there. EDIT: Forgot to add: any applications with shortcuts from the original drive will need to have their shortcuts updated. You can do this by going into their folders, going to the raw executable and creating a new shortcut.
  7. Most senns have pretty tight clamp. They'll break in a little over time but they still stay on your head really well. The AD700X has a tendency to stay slightly loose on your head from what I've read. I'd have to look into it but I know there's some way to adjust it, probably just by bending the band.
  8. i have but it limits my range of movement too much to be viable, i use my whole arm
  9. title says all, my shoulder is all kinds of screwed up from an injury and i can't use regular mice for the time being i ordered a kensington expert trackball.
  10. i don't really want to start anything either, haha just came off as kinda odd to me
  11. 1050ti is genuinely terrible in VR (voice of experience here) i highly recommend you upgrade to at least a 1070, it greatly improves your experience
  12. mhm yeah they're both almost exactly the same there's no reason to surrender even more of your money to razer
  13. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx happy hannukah these cans are absolutely The Bomb, people plug these badboys into thousand dollar tube amps because of how well they scale they work really well for your use case scenario, too you will need to buy an amp though, just hit google up for some common pairings for these headphones
  14. mhm yeah this is gonna sound incredibly uneducated but could i possibly get away with just copying + pasting the stuff on my storage drive to a new drive, then changing the drive letter to match the old one so i don't have to re-install everything
  15. Tag Ur Friends To Totally PWN The Console Gaymers!!! ???
  16. Budget is 500-650 USD. I don't need an Ebic Pro Gaymen laptop, I just want something that has an SSD and wont gradually Go To Shit™ over time. Gonna use it for Photoshop, Discord, paperwork, and web browsing. I don't care about the thickness of the laptop so long as it stays cool and quiet. 13-14" screen preferred, touchscreen would be nice but not required. Since I plan on doing a lot of typing, I'd like to have a good keyboard. Thanks in advance!