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    i7 4770k
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    Asus Z87-A C2
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    Corsair Vengeance 4*4Gb @1600MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
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    Asus Xonar DGX
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    Windows 10 1607 64bits

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  1. The OP of the video says in the comments section that bottlenecking also happens because of the RAM speed. He have 32Gb @2400MHz but I'm not so sure RAM speed can do much a difference.
  2. This video is showing that 98% of GPU usage is possible in 1080p with a 4770k. I don't understand how it's possible, I'm at 4.3GHz now and my CPU usage is barely always at 100% usage, just with EVGA Precision, Aida64 sensors monitor and TeamSpeak opened. +0.2GHz can't make such a difference, his CPU is at something around 75% of usage but I've noticed the CPU usage increased not a long time ago in Battlefield 1 without any explaination. He have the framerate I've thought I would have when buying this GPU so this is possible but some mysteries are hiding before that I
  3. Obviously an Intel Core i7 4770k isn't enough to fully use this kind of GPU, but even a 6700k isn't capable of using the 1080 at 99% of usage in 1080p. Friend of mine have a Core i7 3960x with 6 cores and 12 threads OC @4.7GHz, it's working like a charm on this one. Conclusion : Overkill GPU requires an overkill CPU. 1440p gaming is good on the 4770k but it pushes it to the limit sometimes, in 4K there's no problems with the full usage of the GPU. I've thought it would be a good idea to take this GPU and feel future-proof but now I feel guilty about my own des
  4. Using resolution scale at 135% in 1080p gives me similar performance without ruining my right screen because 1440p DSR was making my monitoring windows a real mess. I do have 99% of GPU usage with this setting.
  5. Okay so thank you all for your answers. I'm back at home and I tried to use DSR with 1440p resolution in Battlefield 1. Now the GPU is at 99% of usage and the framerate is absolutely the same back in 1080p. I was getting between 90 and 110fps in 1440p, in 1080p sometimes the framerate was above 130 but just during a second sometimes. Buying a 1440p monitor is still expensive those days and even with 4K displays, the price isn't going lower. My conclusion on Battlefield 1 is : 1080p : 70 -90% usage / 90 - 130 fps 1440p : 97 - 99% usage / 90 - 110 fp
  6. I will try that on Sunday when I will be able to get back at home. Thank you for your advice
  7. Okay but will I get more fps even by using DSR in 1440p downscaled in 1080p ? If I can't get more fps by doing that there's no point I think
  8. Scaling is at 100% and I'm using default Ultra settings, I don't remeber how this setting uses AA and I'm also using DX11
  9. Okay so I think I just have to use DSR and setup a higher resolution to benefit of 100% usage. But doing that will not provide me extra fps so it's pointless. Think I'm gonna stay on this and think of myself I've bought something overkill for my configuration haha
  10. You are probably right but the thing is that what I saw was with the same CPU as me but just clocked @4.5GHz instead of 4.2GHz for mine, I'm not expecting to have the same framerate as an i7 6950x but I'm hopping to have at least 99% of GPU usage, that's the first reason of my post (RAM doesn't change a lot since a long time now, there's maybe a difference of 1 or 2% of performance IMO, all the benefits comes from the CPU)
  11. The problem is there, I cannot overclock my CPU over 4.2GHz, it's not stable and the temperatures are getting too high because of my watercooling solution getting old. Next month I'll buy an EK Predator 280 and I'm gonna Clear CMOS to start from the beginning with clean values. My BIOS was reading my VCore at 1.712V with 1.4V in the Manual setting.
  12. I've watched several videos on multiple maps and the perfs was less good on my setup than the other ones on each case, even with people using the 4770k but their was clocked at 4.5GHz
  13. On Battlefield 1 my game runs between 90 and 120Fps. Benchmarks show the GTX 1080 can run it at 150-160fps tho