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  1. I would love one for a build that doesn't currently have a GPU.
  2. what do you mean the slot? like will it actually going into the PCIe slot on the mobo? if so then yes, if you mean will it fit into your case, then i have no idea
  3. not too sure about your CPU(havent really followed anything AMD in years) but you will have absolutely no issue running most of those games maxed out on high with 60fps+ with that GTX 1070.
  4. Does anyone know who all is making HB SLI bridges? i know of EVGA, MSI and Nvidia(ugly as fucking hell though), i think Galax has one too, is anyone else making them yet?
  5. okay cool, wish it would have been that way for 1080 and 1070
  6. where did you hear that? it took quite a while for the 1080 custom cards to be available
  7. some time in late july or in august i would expect the customer cooler cards to be out yeah
  8. yeah, around same performance as a 980 for 249 msrp is a great deal, i would expect to wait a little bit until there is more available than just the founders card. Also i read somewhere they are going to release a 3gb version of the 1060 for 149 dollars
  9. I would possibly wait for 1060.
  10. whatever happened to the ZOTAC PGF version of their GTX 1080 we saw teased before? here is a link to an article about it http://wccftech.com/zotac-geforce-gtx-1080-pgf-edition/ I haven't heard anything about it since nor seen it on sale.
  11. Yeah, but if they don't sell you don't need to file that in your taxes, but if they do sell and Valve reports it to the IRS and you don't report it on your taxes, you are so fucked.
  12. ^this, it's legal restrictions, and it is income, Valve has to report this to the IRS under law. It really isn't that bad, taxes can get a lot worse, trust me.