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    X1XNobleX1X reacted to wrathoftheturkey in [Update] DX 11 vs DX12 benchmarks addded - Gigabyte reveals Battlefield 1 Benchmarks! (General BF1 benchmark thread)   
    Yes, we know who Gigabyte is, m8. They make a lot of other stuff too.
  2. Funny
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to HKZeroFive in Watch_Dogs 2 PC version delayed to Nov 29   
    It can't be worse than Mafia 3... right?
  3. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to zMeul in Intel LGA 3647 First Look   
    they count the number of pins 
  4. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to vanished in Pascal GP107 PCB Pictured   
    ok well we need the link  Tech news section and all that...
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    X1XNobleX1X reacted to VerticalDiscussions in iPhone 7 outlasts Galaxy S7 in 35-feet (~10 m) of water, survives 10 foot face-down drop (and from a helicopter)   
    Fanboy spotted...? Look, water was seaping in from multiplex holes and he placed the phones sometimes side by side on the metal bucket. The pressure and water covering both was the same. Fair year, like it or not...
  6. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to App4that in Nvidia 372.54 ruined my no man's sky   
    That driver is specifically for No Man's Sky, so there's something else going on. You can try using DDU to clean all older copies of your drivers away and re install. You could also use the experimental build. In Steam right click on No Man's Sky and choose properties, then betas. 
  7. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to nosirrah123 in Bethesda Caught Copying FO:NV mod and using it in FO4 Far Harbor dlc   
    I feel like the title is inaccurate. Like you said, Bethesda isn't stealing this content since they technically own it.
  8. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Enderman in [CAD$] Would $566.50 for a GTX 980 Ti (tax + ship included!) be a good deal??   
    just get a 1070?
    its cheaper than that at NCIX or memory express
    and no need to deal with US shipping and import tax
    better performance, lower power consumption, more vram, newer technologies, etc...
    there is literally 0 reason to get a 980ti when you can get a 1070 at the same price or less
  9. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Razarza in Domino's wants to track it's customers (when they order a pizza) in Australia   
    It is an extra $8 or something for delivery options which is pretty much the same as the delivery fee for other pizza shops like Eagle Boys and Pizza Hut. I don't see how someone could not see the price difference.
  10. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Mira Yurizaki in ASUS STRIX GTX 1080: New I/O?   
    I wish they'd ditch the DVI port.
    If someone is using DVI, just throw in an HDMI -> DVI adapter. They used to hand out DVI -> VGA adapters with every card, shouldn't cost them too much.
  11. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to PCIsMasterRace in HELP! Do I sell my gtx 980 K|ngp|n to buy 3 rx480s?   
    Its always better to get 1 more powerful card than multiple less powerful graphics cards
    If you have $700 to spend on graphics cards (remember that the 8 gb model of the RX 480 is more expensive) buy 2 gtx 1070's.
  12. Funny
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to DarkBlade2117 in ASUS' ROG Rampage V Edition 10 has leaked online   
    "Good time with Asus RMA" Haha, good one.
    "Lowest RMA rates" Because people don't want to fucking deal with it. I straight sold my 750Ti not to deal with their RMA service and my laptop.
  13. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Jurunce in ASUS' ROG Rampage V Edition 10 has leaked online   
    No company will ever EVER have a 0% RMA rate. Period. Ever. Period.
    We don't live in a perfect world. Get over it.
  14. Funny
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Zyndo in 1080Ti   
    well one thing we know for certain:

    The 1080ti is designed for tiny 1080p monitors...
  15. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to nobelharvards in [Officially confirmed] Intel unveils Broadwell-E CPUs with Complete Benchmarks, Price, 6950x's Overclocking results.   
    We are half way through 2016 and you are still living in last year.
    If you edit your original post I am going to say some very mean words.
    The little shitter edited his post. What a pansy. 
  16. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to JPotze in GTX 1080, 1070 and wait for 1080TI or see what AMD are doing?   
    you could also use flextube from and to the gpu so you could change that for glass if you buy your 'final' gpu.
    But it al depends on how much you are willing to spend. you could also buy a (used) 970 and wait for a TI if you want to wait that long.
    this is bullshit. Whoever said that is comparing it to a 980TI SLI config.
  17. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Tech Deals in Is the GTX 1080 too expensive?   
    I think you missed his point...
    Playing games at 1440p at 144hz isn't essential...  it is a luxury and if you want to play, then pay...
    Frankly I'm waiting for the 1080 TI and for AMD to play their hand, these prices won't last very long.
  18. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to partypanda64 in Intel i7 5820k vs 6700k   
    Depends, what are you doing?
  19. Like
    X1XNobleX1X got a reaction from APatientGuy in Kaby Lake/Broadwell E Approximate Release Date?   
    For Broadwell - E , I would say around June - July possibly August as some reviewers already have their hands on Broadwell -E generation motherboards. 
    For Kaby Lake, I would say Q3 2016, so not for a while
    Although, these are just my assumptions as we don't really know the release date.
  20. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to dragoon20005 in YAY Just Bricked My Brand New MSI X99A Motherboard!   
    the BIOS switch is near the LED indicator
    if you are in BIOS A, move to the right the switch for BIOS B
  21. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X got a reaction from dragoon20005 in YAY Just Bricked My Brand New MSI X99A Motherboard!   
    As @dragoon20005 has said . This motherboard does have two BIOS chips.

  22. Funny
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to ZetZet in Imagine 10 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080s!   
    I can't imagine 10 980ti's. Or 1. Or half of one. Because I don't have it.
  23. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to asim1999 in ASUS' ROG Rampage V Edition 10 has leaked online   
  24. Agree
    X1XNobleX1X reacted to Nexxus in Seperate PhysX card   
    Dont, dedicated physx cards have been proven to actually hurt your FPS if its considerably lower then the primary card.
  25. Like
    X1XNobleX1X got a reaction from TonyTheNain in 'Battlefield 1' Is The Most Liked Trailer In YouTube History, 'Infinite Warfare' The Most Disliked   
    Still don't understand why Activision/IW thought the community wanted an even more futuristic game.
    People didn't even like that it was in the future in the first place.
    I'll probably buy it just for Modern Warfare. 
    Return to the roots.....
    On the other hand, the BF1 trailer blew me away, even if only 15% of it was actual gameplay.