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  1. Nah. It's nothing to do with a warrant. She has some pictures on her profile. There's a huge chance of a family member of hers being able to see the pictures which can get her in huge trouble because of her parent's whicked religion comprehentions. And Instagram support doesn't even seem to want to give her the E-Mail she logged in with. Is there a way to contact Instagram through a call or chat ?
  2. Hello guys. I haven't been on the site for quite a long time. I might have posted in the wrong section, so please move the thread if necessary. Now my question is. My girl needs to delete an Instagram account as fast as possible otherwise she's having big trouble. She tries to log in but she cant. She doesn't remember what the login/registration E-Mail for her profile was. Support doesn't seem to be friendly. Rather automated and I cant contact them... How can I find out what the linked E-Mail is ? So she can log in the E-Mail itself and restore the account so she can delete it. It's really ur
  3. weell, I live in a F'd up country where you can buy cigarettes and alcohol even when 14, and my friends got cars and they drive without licence since there's almost no police on the road to stop you, so I really don't think somebody would be looking out for people who download torrents, cause everybody does it ALL the time. Like... I don't know a single person who hasn't downloaded a torrent. ( When I said torrenting, I meant downloading the file, not uploading it and spreading it btw). So yeah... thanks for the heads up though. I'll use a VPN just in case. + It might come in handy if I go to
  4. Hey guys. I'm working on music currently. On FL Studio 12 to be specific. So, I want to get a plug-in for FL Studio 12, but I can't afford to throw that much on something I won't be using professionally. I know the forum rules are agains torrenting and such... THATS WHY I AM NOT going to be pirating it. Just HYPOTHETICALLY, what would happen if I download a plug-in without paying for it ? Is there some way for somebody to find out that I haven't paid for certain plug-in used in a mix ? I'm just asking for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ! Thank you very much. If you think you can get in trouble for answe
  5. Hey guys. I got a lil problem with Need for Speed No Limits for iOS. The game crashes from time to time and it just looses all the data. And when I proceed to start the game again it just forgets about all kinda progress, and it takes me to the End User Agreement and after that I start from 1st lvl. Thanks a lot if u took the time to answer ^^
  6. Yeah, I was pretty afraid that the vocals wouldn't sit right on top of the beat. IF you're taking into consideration the fact that I will be mixing only Rap vocals and still think the vocals would sound off... (Im just using stuff such as DeEsser, Compressor, Limiter and Volume Automation) then I will go with the monitors. BTW I'm sorry for the large amount of things to ask for, but I wanted to justify staying with a pair of iPhone 4 earbuds so I can buy monitors instead of headphones Thank you !
  7. Thing is... I don't have the 598s anymore. That's the problem. I already have a 5.1 audio system tho. Its old-ish but I use it for music. Think that will do ? I think it's a "Medion MD 4847 5.1". IF NOT, do you think it would make that much of a difference between the monitors and the Razer pair, for mixing vocals ?
  8. I know. A lot of people use monitors, but I can't throw that kind of money. I just want to know what can I get for as most as 60-70$ and use them for mixing. I know it won't be a right choice, but whatever's best for the price. + I don't make beats. I guess they come pre-mixed. All I want to do is mix my Rap vocals, lay them on top of the beat and master the whole thing. But I'm not mixing as in making instrumentals and/or fiddling drums, guitars etc. Thank you ^^
  9. Hey guys. I got a question, but first of all... please don't give me advice unless you know what you're talking about cause I'm already pretty confused I decided to start working with music. I want some mixing headphones. I WONT be mixing for other people. I just need something to do my own music with. And I got a crazy deal in my country for a pair of new Razer Adaro Stereo. 60$... which is dirt cheap considered they cost 135$ retail. So, do you guys think it'll be good enough for mixing ? Or should I get something else up to 60$ ? BTW I'm currently using a pair of Earbuds from my old iPhone
  10. Hey guys. I'm trying to make an RCA to 3.5mm cable for an existing RCA to RCA and 3.5 to 3.5. So I stripped the red and white RCA. The RED RCA has a BLUE cable in it and some bare copper wires which I guess are the ground. The WHITE RCA has a WHITE cable inside and also some copper wires which I also thing are ground. THEN I stripped the 3.5 and found a RED cable, a WHITE cable and also some copper wires hanging out unisolated. So I connected the BLUE with the RED and the WHITE with the WHITE. Now I have copper cables hanging from each RCA, and one from the 3.5 mm. Would it be a problem if I w
  11. So... any chance of me getting in trouble for downloading a torrented version of the program ?
  12. I have Audacity, which is free..... but it isn't as good as something like Adobe Audition or Logic Pro X. What I want to know is.... if there is any way somebody could know that I used a non-genuine software to make the music without them accessing my PC ? Cause I aint tryna get sued, you know No, don't worry
  13. Hello guys, I want to record some music. I decided I want to write rap and I already had a V67G for when I was gaming and streaming. I want to record at home but I don't want to spend something of the likes of 200$ on recording software. Say I want to use Adobe Audition... is there going to be any problem if I torrent the program without paying ? I KNOW it's not good to do so, but I can't afford it anyway. I mean I can buy it but I gotta spend the money on beats and other stuff. Thank you
  14. Guuyyysss, I fucked up badly. I had important info which took me time to write on a Notepad++ file. I thought I had saved it and then unplugged the USB drive, but something must've happened. The saved info is not there. There's only the part that was there before I started writing. How can I recover an unsaved file ? plssssss somebody