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  1. I made another post on a similar Logitech Mice issue, although nothing about claiming warranties since there is non in my country. I hope everything sorts out for you. I am myself looking for another reliable brand to shift to.
  2. Well the title does convey my question. But let me tell you why I am asking this: Here is a list of mice that I have owned in the last 2 years: Logitech M171 (work/daily use, lasted around a year, no longer with me) Logitech G300s (gaming, owned it for around 6 months) Logitech M275 (current mouse, work/daily use, using it since December 2019) All of these mice had/having the same problem: double click issues or the right click won't hold (for example when aiming down sights in games). Notice that the Logitech mice I have owned are having these problems in
  3. Still thank you to all who gave their input. Very helpful. Cheers!
  4. So, I bought the H370 motherboard and the CM MA410P cooler. The cooler fits just right. it doesn't touch the side panel but there is very little space between them. So no problems here. Although, I couldn't solve the following problem because the motherboard didn't sit right.
  5. I totally understand that, I shouldn't even be buying anything taller than 150mm, but the availability is a big factor
  6. I feel that my CPU cooler concerns are more important than everything else at the moment.
  7. This seems like good advice. But looking at the prices right now in my country, RTX 2060s are way expensive. But still will see when actually upgrading the card. If a Noctua or any low profile cooler was available, I would have jumped for it straight away. So far I can only find the Cooler Master cooler I mentioned. Let's see what the others say. Thank you.
  8. Budget (including currency): PKR 50,000 Country: Pakistan Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming @ 1080p high to ultra settings. Target AMD Freesync. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): My current PC part list: Intel Core i5-8400 Gigabyte B360M HD3 16 GB RAM @ 2666MHz Kingston 480 GB SSD WD 1 TB 5200RPM HDD Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Corsair VS650 PSU
  9. I was successful in re-thermal pasting. The old thermal paste was very hard and difficult to remove. I went through a lot of alcohol swabs for removing that. I am happy to report that the fan is not working very hard at cooling anymore since there is no more dust and idle temperatures are between ~45 to 55 Celsius. Old idle temps were ~ 58 to 69 Celsius. Thank you all who responded and helped me on this thread.
  10. So, I have applied the thermal goop and cleaned the fan as well I noticed that the fan isn't spinning, so I tried checking in the Dell diagnostics in the BIOS. The fan is fine. My question: do laptop fans also stop when temperature is below some point? like the fans in desktop PCs (PWM, graphics card fans) stop at idle
  11. Hello, I want to reapply the thermal paste on my laptop's CPU (never done this before) and I want to know a few questions before I go through with it. Firstly, my laptop's specs: Dell Latitude E6430 Intel Core i5-3380M 8GB RAM My laptop is fairly easy to open from the bottom and I do know which screws are for the heatsink etc. Some of the concerns I have: Which software should I use to monitor temps before and after the reapplication? Are alcohol swabs okay for removing old thermal goop? On which spot should I apply the new t
  12. In terms of beauty: Horizon Zero Dawn In terms of detail: GTA V I'm playing Assassin's Creed Origins right now and Ancient Egypt also looks amazing
  13. @AshleyAshes, you are totally right but I had a ray of hope that the drive will be repaired. That's why I wanted to repair it even if it contained backups. You are totally right that I should not repair it at all. That's why I have not gone further. @Thermite I am slowly shifting to the SSD scene. I replaced my laptop hard drive with an SSD and my goal is to be free of any mechanical drives wherever possible. My next shopping will be of course the portable SSD you recommended. I have had my eyes on the T3 for a while but the T5 looks nice. I have even heard a lot about the WD portable SSD