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  1. Hey all, I ordered a Cooler master seidon 120 v2 (as starter) because I want to increase the longevity of my components by reducing heat. I will be putting it in a zalman z9 neo, which has a front 280 and top 240 slot (and 120 rear) and I was wondering what to do. I wanted to put it in the rear exhaust slot. Is this a good idea? And should i put the fan in push or pull? Any help woud be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, Been upgrading my prebuilt pc so much that the stock case is basically a burden in airflow now. I settled on upgrading now. My budget: 50-100 EURO'S My needs: Needs alot of airflow Max length = ~400,410mm Needs to be able to hold a 285mm video card atleast Needs atleast 2 hard drive spaces + 1 5"25 bay Needs to support microatx Window is preferred, but not needed. Needs to have a fan controller too (i only have 1 case fan header on my mobo) EDIT: Fan controller not necessary anymore, since i found a good fan hub
  3. Not where i live. + my parents settled on 100 euro's max
  4. i tried buying a 970 but i got scammed out of my money.
  5. Hey all, I am currently using a 750 ti and i play games like BF4, Forza horizon 3, CS:GO etc... and i am thinking about buying this GTX 680 i found for 100 euro's. Should i? P.S I can't save up, this is my birthday gift basically
  6. Hello all, I was browsing some local ads and i found a R9 290 advertised as half working Do you think this is savable? Artifacts during crash MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION bsod Artifacts before crash Artifacts during fresh install He said the temps are normal, and when he puts a different gpu in it works properly. Any help? P.S it's being offered for 100 euros
  7. thats what i did though It says the network adapter wasn't found, and that if it is in deep sleep mode i should plug in my cable
  8. Hello all,Yesterday my internet was working.Today i turn on my pc, no video output, i reset cmos and it works again. Then the next problem arises.. My ethernet port isn't being detected.I have tried the following:Uninstalling via device manager (this now also caused that i can't see the driver, even when showing hidden drivers)Updating LAN driversResetting cmos.. againChecking bios for disabled lanI can't flash the bios, because it is already the newest version.Specs:I7 870Asus GTX 750 TIMotherboard: Foxconn H55MS W/ Realtek LANplease help
  9. You think? It's officially listed as a gaming mobo, lol. Currently at 3.7 ghz (i7 870 gets 3.5 with turboboost) at +0.1v. Can go all the way to 0.3
  10. Hi all, could you help me find a good & cheap combo? (doesn't have to be integrated psu into case) Current specs: I7 870 running at 3.7 ghz (going for more) Asus GTX 750 TI (going for a 1060) Foxconn H55M-S motherboard 8GB ram i want to have some overclocking headroom and it must not be a too expensive but reliable psu. Same for case. Thanks.
  11. The Netherlands lol Also i scoured my bios, it does have fan options, but they're greyed out, so i am assuming it'd need pwm fans.
  12. Luckely, as my cooler is a CM hyper tx3i evo, i can swap out the fans. Know any good 90mm fans with pwm? (not too expensive)