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    Stagea reacted to GAME 55 in Is my camera good enough?   
    I wanted to learn more about photography, and know more about the "professional" modes and really properly shoot great photos.
    Is the Canon EOS 4000D a good camera, does it have attachments that can help it become more... PRO?
    I already own it, so give me your opinion and some advice.
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    Stagea reacted to GDRRiley in What I love and hate about Canon   
    yeah sigmas got a nice 3 set but there is 0 good zooms on that mount, all are slow.
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    Stagea reacted to Percules in Budget Camera for Photography   
    I want a camera solely for photography while video is not that important to me. I have a 500 budget but if the camera is over that is fine but it'll also be good if the camera is lower. Right now I'm eyeing the canon eos rebel sl3 and a Canon EF 50mm. Buying both refurbished off of canon will make it around 500. Is there anything I can get that is better for the price and is newer?
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    Stagea reacted to dalekphalm in OLED or QLED - Convince me   
    On the differences between OLED and QLED: Backlight bleed is far less of an issue on the higher end QLED panels. On the Samsung side of things, anything from the Q70R series and higher includes multiple backlight dimming zones (In the Q70R, it has 4 dimming zones, in the flagship Q900R, it has 16 dimming zones).
    To say one is inherently superior in every way over other is just straight up false. Each has pros and cons. OLED has the hypothetical potential to be better in every possible way, but the tech isn't there yet.
    Personally, I'd go OLED if you can light control the room, and QLED if you can't. But either way, @jasonvp I'm glad you're pleased with your purchase - that's ultimately what matters!
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    Stagea reacted to dDave64 in OLED or QLED - Convince me   
    Don't hear me wrong, I like OLED technology and think it's great.
    OLED handles darker blacks better and QLED handles brighter whites better. That's not my opinion, that is verifiable fact based on the technology.
    You can't just dismiss QLED as worse outright. It absolutely depends on what you're doing, even down to the exact shot you're looking at. It depends on what you're watching, where you're watching, even the angle you're watching. All of these factors come into play.
    Nits absolutely still matter and QLED can go far brighter than OLED. Nits will matter until TV manufacturers can accurately achieve the brightness levels a person may see out in the real world. They simply haven't gotten there yet.
    I hear what you're saying about the glow. My TV does this and literally it's only noticeable or bothersome when it's a shade of white on a completely black backdrop. Otherwise, in movies or games it's not noticeable at all even if you're looking for it.
    Yes, there is a bit of a bloom effect when looking at really bright shades on an otherwise totally black screen using QLED. Yes, the viewing angles aren't quite as strong for QLED. And yes, it's older technology; but better is such a relative term that it really does come down to exactly what you want and exactly how you're defining better.
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    Stagea got a reaction from noobs guid to marsterrace in Galaxy J7 or Essential Phone?   
    Nobody ever said that the A1 is a poor option. I like how it has a good amount of RAM and is in the Android One program. Its main downside is the under-performing camera (especially under low light).
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    Stagea reacted to DrMacintosh in Recommended Phones   
    Actually it would be the opposite of that. 
    Android phones all run on Qualcomm chips meaning that Zenfone is going to get little to no attention for it being different. 
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    Stagea got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Galaxy J7 or Essential Phone?   
    The Galaxy J5 Pro is a same-priced alternative. Better camera, modern SoC and AMOLED screen (though it does have less memory). 
  9. Informative
    Stagea got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Galaxy J7 or Essential Phone?   
    The Mi Note 3 is plenty good for the price (good performance, build and camera). That is like their Goldilocks product at the moment, in my opinion. Way better than the Nokia 6, but it only supports 1 out of the 2 LTE bands used by Bell (locked out by software, afaik).
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    Stagea got a reaction from Pandu in Help to choose the right TV, Please!   
    I'd say the Samsung. Sony uses IPS panels on their lower lines, which results in very shallow blacks and poor uniformity.
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    Stagea got a reaction from LunaP0n3 in HTPC or Mediaplayer?   
    GT 1030 wouldn't be sufficient for Netflix 4K. Nvidia only enables it on GPUs with 3GB or more of on-board memory. You might need a 1050 Ti.
  12. Agree
    Stagea reacted to GoodBytes in Should i pirate windows?   
    Why you should not pirate Windows:
    The OS is the best value for your money among all software including games. For 120$, assuming the retail box, you are using a massively complex piece of software, that controls all your hardware inside and outside your PC that are connected in some fashion to it (without an OS, your PC is nothing more than an overpriced door stop). You use it more than any 60$ game you play (the OS runs your game... so if you play 200h of some game, than you used 200h of Windows at the same time). That 60$ game is a piece of cake compared to an OS in terms of complexity.
      Support the developers. Windows makes your DirectX, and Microsoft a contributor of OpenGL as well, not to mention that many engineers within Microsoft, personally contribute to mass number of open source software, including Linux based OSs, OpenGL, and more. You keep them having a job, this makes your games and program be even cooler and better.
      You have free options out there. You don't want to buy Windows. You can get an Apple computer which includes MacOS within the price, and have free support. And you have a massive collection of Linux based OS distros that you can't even count them which all of those are free.
      It is illegal.
      You have no guaranty of the legitimacy of the OS and hacking tools. The OS might have been modified to actually spy on you for identity theft purposes, and/or include viruses and malware injected directly on the code of the OS, making all of these undetectable by any anti-virus, anti-malware, and any other security software. You are infected, and it is impossible for you to know, putting your private data and other valuable data such as family pictures at risk (we don't have a time machine to go back and retake them). Hacking tool usually involved modifying system files.
      Solid experience (assuming you don't screw up your own PC, of course), you get to enjoy a fully updated OS, as updates comes out, and not have to worry about the hacked version you are using from not working anymore, or working properly, or gets de-activated.
      No need to worry of being "unplugged" from MS services, reducing your experience, to avoid being detected that you are running a non legit version of Windows.  
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    Stagea reacted to zombienerd in Laptop comparison   
    The CPU does not care what GPU you have.  Either card will work about the same with that CPU.  Walang Anuman.
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    Stagea reacted to dizmo in Laptop comparison   
    The Dell has a keypad. If that's useful for your programming, I think that's a no brainer.
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    Stagea reacted to Blasteque in reciever making buzzing noises all of a sudden?   
    This does not sound like it's a ground loop issue.  Likely a specific component (transformer, Amp IC, etc.) is vibrating at 60hz inside the receiver (this happens from time-to-time).  You can open up the case, turn it on, and try to find the specific component (probe with a non-conductive tool like a plastic screw driver handle).  If you find the part, come back here and we can discuss options.  If you can't find it, you may have to have it serviced.
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    Stagea reacted to xQubeZx in I'm looking for a Compact Camera (Traveling)   
    Find a used Panasonic LX100. 
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    Stagea reacted to JohnT in Samsung UHD Tv Turns on by itself   
    My old Samsung had this issue. But it was a model from 2008. I would unplug it overnight and the issue would go away. Except it would resurface every couple of months. It's basically a hard restart without erasing your settings. 
    Do you have any devices set to operate through CEC? Or maybe a wireless connection is waking it up. 
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    Stagea reacted to Blasteque in AVR buzz   
    It's likely the buzz is one specific component that is vibrating and is not ground related at all  (ground loops are usually heard in the speakers).  It's not unknown for coil-style transformers to buzz.  Small surface mount coil transformers are particularly noteworthy. One thing you can do is:
    1. remove the lid.
    2. power it on.
    3. try to isolate the buzz by ear.
    4. try applying pressure to individual components on the board with an insulated instrument (handle of a screw driver, etc.) to see if you can determine which component it is.
    Nothing is unfixable, but electronics service costs can be high ($80 - $200 per hour).  If you can find out what it is, that will help reduce the time needed by a tech to troubleshoot.
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    Stagea got a reaction from rafalpl1 in College laptop around 450$   
    I think that's a pretty good choice. The SSD and RAM capacity would surely help make the most out of the weaker CPU.
    This one might be snappier:
  20. Funny
    Stagea reacted to Froody129 in How low will bitcoin fall if at all   
    Ssshhhh, we need delusion to keep driving the price up. 
  21. Agree
    Stagea reacted to Enderman in Buying TV, looking for suggestions   
    Take a look at rtings.com, they have very goodd reviews.
    I would suggest samsung, they have pretty good image quality compared to most other brands.
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    Stagea got a reaction from ThorThe1 in Are you still using dat PLASMA?   
    Sharp LC-70XU830X
  23. Informative
    Stagea got a reaction from ScootsMcgoots in Dumb question ; Would the google home mini's speaker be better than my Pixel 2 Xl's ?   
    Yeah, much better than a phone's speaker for sure (unless you're after stereo separation). 
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    Stagea reacted to zehfan in Is this laptop any good as a replacement?   
    You will probably get twice the amount of frames. 950m to 1050ti.
  25. Agree
    Stagea reacted to dalekphalm in 58 to 65 Inch 4k TV Low Latency WITH Displayport   
    Well you are going to have a difficult time finding a modern 4K TV with DP. It's simply not a common feature.