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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from Skelterz in Tek Syndicate is Burning   
    The irony of the mass censorship is not lost on me.
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from vinyldash303 in Tek Syndicate is Burning   
    The irony of the mass censorship is not lost on me.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Nowak in Windows 10 adoption rate having a hard time with businesses   
    I like how people are ignoring the fact that businesses take forever before they upgrade to a newer operating system, and instead pinning it on "Oh, it's unstable/invasive/shit!". They do not upgrade as quickly as consumers do. Hell, some are still running Windows 95 and even MS-DOS.
    Why do you think Windows XP was supported for 13 years? Because businesses didn't want to upgrade from it for the longest time, and by the time they finished testing Vista before rolling it out business-wide, Windows 7 was out. And even then, MS still had trouble convincing businesses to upgrade from XP, because XP still worked for those businesses.
    I'm sure the stability and privacy of the OS are considered in there somewhere, but honestly, think about how a business works compared to consumers. Hardware and software cycles are much slower with businesses than consumers. They greatly prefer stability over the fanciest new things, because any amount of downtime can be very costly for them.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to PRTI in What should I review next?   
    Depends on the game,but a i5 6600k at 4.5 bottlenecks a GTX 1070 up to 15% at 1080p144Hz in GTA 5
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Coaxialgamer in nVidia X80, X80ti and X80 Titan rumoured Specs   
    I call BS. The gp 100 titan and X80ti should use the same the same memory , as using gddr5 on the cut down gp100 would mean they would have to use two memory controllers in the gp 100 chip , which costs more , lowers yields and taked more work to develop .
    Not to mention a 512 bit, 8000mhz memory setup would cause power and heat to go through the roof in terms of memory .
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Mr.Meerkat in Fresh problems for Nvidia users running DirectX 12   
    AMD=set their priorities correctly, they knew lower API game engines were the way forward in the future and since they really wanted mantle to become a thing, they designed basically all of their new cards for it hence why it does well with dx12 as it's so similar to mantle
    While Nvidia=designed all their cards for max performance in dx11, good for the short run but terrible for the long run 
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from JVarholTech in Sata or Molex on an LED strip ?   
    Personally I use 2 pin fan headers with a molex to 3pin adapter,
    The advantages are it is much smaller connector and if I want to connect a few strip in series, I can easily use connectors between the strips. so if a strip needs to be replaced it's a much easier operation, rather than having to remove the lot to desolder and replace.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to valdyrgramr in [Updated] Oxide responds to AotS Conspiracies, Maxwell Has No Native Support For DX12 Asynchronous Compute   
    It's called people being so insecure that they need to validate their purchase. 
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    VirtualNinja reacted to That Norwegian Guy in nVidia's Tom Petersen raises a good point in AMD vs GameWorks issue   
    Those are all localized physical copy printers/ distributors hired by CD Projekt (publisher)
    Just like how Funcom hired EA Games in North America to distribute boxed copies.
    Publisher =/= distributor
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    VirtualNinja reacted to JAKEBAB in Australia to look at "netflix" tax, GST applied to entertainment purchases   
    Wow wtf!!! we already pay way more than we should! mr moose there is no way this won't make prices go up, we are known to be the country that get's completely screwed over just because
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    VirtualNinja reacted to bcredeur97 in 3 out of 4 PC Gamers own an Nvidia GPU   
    Guys this isnt funny. PC gaming as we know it can flop if AMD flops. No competition means there is no excuse for Nvidia to pull something (stupid) like make all GPU's cost a fortune. 
    We are already seeing proof of them pulling something like this (*Cough* titan Z for $3000)
    I strongly encourage people to support AMD even if they dont have the better product. They cant make good products if they dont profit. People need to just suck-it-up and buy their GPU's simply to support them and keep them alive for the competition. Not saying we all have to become fanboys, we just need them to survive in order to keep PC gaming somewhat cost effective and alive. 
    just remember if AMD dies and the price of Nvidia cards skyrocket... you heard this here first. Nvidia has been doing some weird things lately so I dont see any reason why they wouldnt pull something stupid like this.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to sgloux3470 in 3 out of 4 PC Gamers own an Nvidia GPU   
    According to Steam it's 50% Nvidia, 30% AMD the rest Intel.  
    Nvidia simply spends more on marketing.  
    The 960 release really highlighted this for me.  Here's a mediocre GPU that performs identically to the 280/285 and then gets toasted by the 280x, meanwhile here's every youtuber under the sun reading the reviewer manual word for word and posting 30 videos each for every single card variant anyone puts out. (They do this for every Nvidia card, but it's especially grating when it's a mediocre card.)   Meanwhile, most sites are posting benchmarks that don't include the 280x because they don't want to show a three year old $200~ card beating the brand new $200 GTX 960.  There were so many shoddy benchmarks that came out with this card meant to skew the facts and mislead people, it was almost comical. 
    Oh and if I had a nickel everytime referred to the "$200 sweet spot" and "new 1080p card" like good little pamphlet readers...  
    Nvidia makes good products, but they're so fucking slimy and anti-competitive as a business.  
    The only site I saw that I think did it right was HardwareCanucks.  http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/68697-nvidia-gtx-960-reference-review-16.html They absolutely assblasted it for being worse than the 760 at 1440p.  
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Bicketybam in GTA V PC has gone LIVE, but there maybe some launch issues...   
    It boggles my mind why they never stagger these releases by date/time.  Even a few hours apart (rather then full days) would have to be better then trying to cram everyone in at the one time.  A steady stream of updates rather then a mad dash HAS to be the better option.
    Through RSC I've already had one 54mb which had troubles and now on to the 2nd patch of 354mb which is also having download problems.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Notional in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Well this is going round in circles, getting more and more dumb, so I will try and keep it brief.
    You are the only person I've ever seen call a monitor, a panel. Even your example does not do that. In an extreme case of layman's term, maybe; like calling a computer a cpu. But this is a tech site, where we discuss details, and terminology matters. In this case, where the limitation lies, and why.
    That image is from the launch of the Freesync driver, showing off monitors that can be used. But it doesn't matter. Freesync is still a graphics side driver, and has nothing to do with monitor hardware or limitations.
    Let me ask you though: If a monitor is labelled as an Adaptive Sync monitor, and only supports from 46-75hz, is that also unacceptable for VESA to put its name on it? If not, then why is it bad for AMD to do so, with their Adaptive Sync, utilizing driver?
    No a monitor does not have to support the full range to be an Adaptive Sync monitor, or be branded Freesync either. You are the only one, claiming it should be. The claim is only of the support of Freesync's capabilities, using the Adaptive Sync standard. It has nothing to do with monitors or their limitations, that are outside the power of AMD. I can talk, write and comprehend English just fine. You, however, seem to have certain comprehension issues. Either on purpose or not. Being a rhetorical question, is exactly why it is a logical fallacy. You don't seem to understand what that means, since you talk about "logic errors"?! You claim that AMD makes money off of it, that is YOUR claim, so YOU have the burden of proof. Calling people ignorant is your subjective opinion, that is all. Again a logical fallacy. I said 4K TN panels. ALL TN panels should be able to do 144 hz, as TN usually has a refresh rate quite a bit under 7 milliseconds.  
    Don't care why NVidia hasn't refuted. They haven't. Either way, license or not, NVidia makes money off of the gsync module, AMD makes no money off of Adaptve Sync. That is the point. The irony here is that YOU don't seem to understand what a logical fallacy is. I used it correctly and for a reason. Freesync is indeed AMD, Adaptive Sync is not. Monitors has Adaptive Sync functionality in the hardware. Your idea of "proof" is lacking to say the least. Your subjective opinion, your burden of proof. Just keep those logical fallacies coming. Nowhere have I ever stated such a thing. Fact is that monitor vendors make their monitors for their own sake, not AMD's, so they include several input types for convenience and broader adoption rates. NVidia couldn't care less about consoles or blueray players. Adding input types, that makes Gsync irrelevant, makes no sense from an R&D perspective. Designing an interface, to handle different hardware inputs, as well as OSD's, and controls to toggle between them, is not free. Unless we are talking adaptive sync, where the scaler vendors could just recycle their existing tech and design. NVidia did manipulate about the 970, as the last 512mb could not run at full bandwidth. That has nothing to do with third party hardware, hardware standards or drivers. If an AMD graphics card, supporting the full scale of Adaptive Sync (that would be GCN 1.1=>), and it could not do 9-240hz on a monitor capable of it, then yeah, I would agree with you. But I doubt that is the case. Freesync driver is not responsible for any and all limitations of a monitor. How about going to your own link on the dictionary, go to the full description, and see the first (and primary) definition? Or how about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factoid Or we could just see what the inventor of the word himself, define it as:
    Shall I go on? Or can we get back to the actual point of the argument, that you claimed AMD was lying/manipulating about gsyncs performance hit, and "correcting" their powerpoint slide? They weren't, so you dismissed it as trivial/unimportant.
    My necessity for semantics are very warranted, when you don't know what you are talking about. You confuse hardware standards, hardware parts, terminology, products and branding into one giant clusterfrack, and get annoyed when I call you out on it? How can we communicate, if we use the wrong words?
    Talking about my language skills because of my nationality is unwarranted. Like I said, my English skills might not be perfect, but they are damn well good enough to read/write and comprehend anything being said.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Opcode in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Your argument still has no leg to stand on since my initial reply to this accusation days ago. Unless you can provide substantial evidence of your claims just lose the argument because I can tell you right now that you're genuinely wrong. You've been spewing the same nonsense for days blaming FreeSync for display manufactures for not producing 9-240 Hz displays. What are you going to do next? Blame G-Sync for not being able to support 240 Hz just because it's limited by panel technology? How many times does the community need to tell you that FreeSync has absolutely no implementation display side. Which in itself is concrete evidence that the current batch of displays are not limited by FreeSync. Claiming FreeSync is only capable of 40-144 Hz just because a display doesn't happen to support outside that range is like saying it's impossible for a car to go over 55 MPH with a restrictor plate even tho the speedometer reads 180. The 9-240 Hz is the official supported range of FreeSync as it has no limitations other than the display interface. There is no benefit of secrecy, they need to disclose the right info at the right time. Which doesn't sit too well with you (and only you) although it's cold hard facts.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to The_Strict_Nein in Elon Musk believes it'll be illegal for humans to drive in the future   
    Which is at most 10% of the population. Then 90% of the population is no better than slave labour. You can't have 7 billion "specialists". Then no one would be a specialist.
    Sometimes, it shouldn't be because we can but why we should. Robots replacing humans in mundane tasks would make things better for the elite of society but so much worse for everyone else.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Notional in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    You really don't understand what anti competitive is, do you? There is a reason why Microsoft was forced to remove Internet Explorer and Media player from Windows, in all of EU. Making money off of your competition, is a dream come true for any company. No Nvidia is probably scared. They see how both AMD apu's and perhaps Intel's onboard graphics, will slowly eat away at Nvidia's lowend market. They see how AMD holds 100% of the console market, both now AND in the future (next Nintendo is AMD as well).
    No Nvidia is creating a proprietary locked ecosystem to capture in their end users, and keep them there. Not with superiority, but with propriety. No one is going to choose anything else than Nvidia, once they have bought into it, because of the sunk cost of shifting: New monitor, new streaming box, new shield thing, maybe new software, not exclusive to cuda, etc.
    If you really don't understand how this is anti competitive, then I'm afraid, you don't understand markets very well. Remember, this is MY field, and MY masters.
    Manufacturers are only king, when they have a monopoly, and even so, only if their product is essential, as in a necessity for survival (either as an individual or a company).
    Not if the value proposition matches the price somewhat. When you start paying more for less (like the overpriced Nvidia 960), then it's at the expensive of the customer.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to ivan134 in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Reminds me of bluray vs HDDVD, the difference being if NVIDIA won, they would not give AMD the option to pay for a license. It boggles my mind how so many people are fine with nvidia's anticonsumer practices.
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from Notional in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Nvidia I have no doubt would never license g-sync to AMD, nor will they equip their cards with DP 1.2a, not sure how this is AMD's fault.
    2 standards is certainly not good for the industry, nor the consumer locking customers into one ecosystem. As you point out, now you have to buy a new GPU & monitor now to make the switch.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to bogus in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Wasn't Tom the guy who "didn't know" about the 3,5GB of VRAM of the 970?

    If someone who doesn't know internally, in his own company,what is going on with their own products, why is his word any good about this? As a matter of fact, why is his word any good about anything?
    It's also funny he didn't mention the bellow 30Hz on G-Sync behavior. What happens when FPS drop bellow 30 Tom? What happens when 30hz aren't enough and AMD has as low as 9hz solutions in the pipeline?

    Go home Tom, you are drunk...

    Anyway, clearly Freesync has tickled hard NVIDIA else they wouldn't even comment on it. Red flag right there.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to Doobeedoo in Nvidia Pitches Advantages of G-Sync Over AMD's FreeSync   
    Actually it's 9-240Hz
    Depends on monitor manufacturer how they make it in the end.
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from jacobgoblin in Massdrop INSANE Shipping Prices   
    It's being shipped by 10 beautiful virgins on a bed of pillows filled with Icarus feathers. These things don't come cheap.
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    VirtualNinja reacted to emarciniak in New Platform Launch Feedback & FAQ   
    They need to get an Android app and support Chromecast.
    EDIT: Turns out their player sucks. I started a video and paused it right away and came back like 20 minutes later and I got like 40 seconds in and it completely stopped loading. Had to refresh. It seems like they're using dash loading or whatever but it doesn't buffer fast enough on my 50mb connection. Once it stops to buffer it totally stops loading anything anymore and I have to refresh again and skip to where I was. Each time I can get a little further but it's pretty brutal. Oh yeah and this is in SD.
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from christianled59 in Massdrop INSANE Shipping Prices   
    It's being shipped by 10 beautiful virgins on a bed of pillows filled with Icarus feathers. These things don't come cheap.
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    VirtualNinja got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in Massdrop INSANE Shipping Prices   
    It's being shipped by 10 beautiful virgins on a bed of pillows filled with Icarus feathers. These things don't come cheap.