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  1. My godfather's PC was slow and yesterday morning he called me and asked if I could reinstall Windows on his machine, I said I will come around 3pm. I came to my godparents house and my cousin said that godfather took the pc and it's now in a repair shop. And I'm like "wut?". Long story short: my godfather decided that it's a RAM issue so he wanted more ram and put DDR400 sticks in a DDR2 board. Now he needs a new motherboard. He's a non-techie
  2. Hello. So I was trying to "dustproof" my case and wanted to make my rear fan as an intake. I removed it from its stock position and flipped it (positioned it as an intake). Started screwing it in but I can't fit in the screws.. Then I looked carefully and found that there aren't any threads on the opposite side of the fan. The only threaded holes are on the back side of the fan (where the sticker is)... Does that mean that I can't install it as an intake? The fans are stock fans from Cooler Master N600 case. Thanks in advance, Jonas.
  3. Go in to your BIOS, find "USB configuration" or settings, or something like that (my board is - Advanced > USB Configuration > Single USB configuration, and then I can control all the USB ports). Maybe you will find some disabled ports. If so - enable them. My mate had a problem with a cheapo ASRock H81 board on the first day of buying his pc, when the USB ports wouldn't work at all in BIOS or when booted from DVD
  4. Here's a screenshot of everything. I installed the WD SES Driver, Windows Update suggested me that (it was in the optional list). I will try to test it on another machine
  5. Quick test: PASS, Extended test: PASS. Hmm... According to the tests, everything seems to be alright. Here's my SMART data if that helps. I'm confused...
  6. The device is My Book 1130 USB Device, if that's what you asked for. I just can see my P/N and S/N on the enclosure itself, CrystalDiskInfo shows me HDD model, device name and S/N. I'll try the diagnostics, but I want to make sure that it won't mess up the data inside. Is it safe to run the Quick Test?
  7. Thanks for your response! The hard drive inside is WDC WD10EADX-00TDHB0. Gonna try your suggested diagnostics
  8. Intel 530 series 120GB SSD SSD is set as the boot drive. I don't have any choices now, I just have this 1TB hard drive or I have nowhere to install these games to. I'm looking forward to buy an internal HDD, maybe a WD Red or Black 2TB
  9. Few days ago I installed some games to my external WD My Book Essential 1TB USB3 hard drive (my system drive is a 120GB SSD). Started playing, everything seems alright. But yesterday I tried to play a game from it and it crashed after some time. Tried relaunching it - shows me an error! Okay. Then I opened up explorer, tried to explore the drive and the OS froze.. Restarted the machine. After this situation, if I leave my HDD plugged in, the PC just won't boot to OS. Tried that with another game (Portal 2) - after few hours it just gave me a BSOD. CrystalDiskMark shows that everything is alri
  10. Vessel username: RedWarrior Favorite videos: • https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf- DAT SERVER. • https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1- "... I realised that my comparison to Apple's latest and greatest MacBook was inappropriate and I thought: the P34W has actually got ports on it!"
  11. I've bought a Huawei phone three years ago and I regret it, so I don't think that this is going to be a good thing.