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  1. I'd like to point out that DayZ is being banned for something that was referenced in game files 2 years ago and it isn't even added to the game yet (and probably never will be):
  2. I think people are also underestimating Epic Store's lack of proper regional game pricing here. One of the reasons people bought the Exodus pre-order on Steam was due to the fact that it was still going to be cheaper for certain users due to Steam's more varied and generally fair regional pricing for less developed countries. I certainly expect Exodus to be pirated a lot just because of the horrible prices users in less developed countries would have to pay for the game on the Epic Store.
  3. Newgrounds might become a haven for adult content as well as they seem to be open to making changes to appeal to those fleeing the smutpocalypse @ tumblr.
  4. Pretty much. The remaining telltale staff are working on minecraft story mode for netflix.
  5. Can't wait for the Simpsons themed Fox-Disney loot crate system. My wallet is just trembling in anticipation...
  6. It allows Disney to pump out R rated content through the Fox labels to disassociate those kinds of titles away from the Disney label which they want to keep 'family-friendly'. That and the mouse can exercise more control on what you consume film and TV wise.
  7. Meanwhile, Valve just disabled CSGO and DOTA 2 Steam Marketplace trading for dutch users as a result of this. https://tweakers.net/nieuws/140015/nederlanders-kunnen-niet-meer-handelen-met-items-uit-lootboxes-csgo-en-dota-2.html
  8. Some of those rumours must have been true if it was easier to bail out instead of fighting them, NVIDIA. Pulling GPP won't stop the snowball effect from this debacle anyway.
  9. ETA on when Bluehole will sue Activision for stealing their totally original idea?
  10. I think it's a reference to this dangerous individual who once sued apple over siri:
  11. I think people are drifting away from one of the main problems here: I don't have an issue with 'titty streamers' if the rules allowed them to operate as they are but right now, Twitch's ToS as it stands should not allow 'titty streamers' to operate as they are on Twitch. The problem is that Twitch has VERY clear double standards on this rule in regards to the 'titty streamers' and other Twitch users and how Twitch staff basically protect these 'titty streamers' simply because they happen to be into the 'titty streamers' and the fact that the staff either ignore the rep
  12. Source: https://blog.twitch.tv/bring-the-zombie-apocalypse-to-twitch-7a5bf4ecff42 Twitch has decided to dip their toes into the sudden loot crate craze. This year's halloween emotes on twitch require users to use bits, a type of currency on twitch, in order to receive a crate. Every 250 bits that you cheer on a bits enabled stream will grant you a crate. Collect six emotes that can only be used until the end of 2017 and you receive a zombified kappa emote that can be used permanently. You can also receive the emote if you pe
  13. Tyler should have taken the $10 million and ran when he could have done so. The website was living off it's past accomplishments for a quite a while now and most of the user-base over the last 4 years devolved into a turbo SJW echo-chamber ever since the events of gamergate. The user-base may find a new home somewhere but they won't be able to influence the industry like they've been able to ever again. The public humiliation the neogaf users went through on twitter and subsequent sabotage efforts by the chans have seen to that.
  14. According to this tweet, the recommended specs are brutal and the download size is monumental: This is just somebody saying this though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  15. According to this article, AMD may have intentionally tried to hide the launch day pricing to make it look like the cards were always going to sell for the price they showed off initially. https://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/matthew-wilson/ocuks-andrew-gibson-clears-up-rx-vega64-pricing-disaster/ If that's true then that is some shady stuff from AMD and only further drives the nail into the coffin.