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  1. So as the title stated, my laptop isn't displaying anything. Power button is lighting up and the fan is spinning but no display. I learned about the CMOS battery reset so I unplugged the battery, waited probably 30 mins., then plugging it again only to ruin the laptop entirely. Now the fans aren't spinning anymore although the lights on the power button still shows up. Any fix? Tried removing both of my ram sticks and sticking just one or the other and it didn't work (tried this before and after the CMOS battery reset). Tried pressing the power button for about a minute or so to “res
  2. This one is probably off the build but I want to ask this to you anyway.. I've read some pc build guides and how they used 1650/1660/1660 super on most of them. Is that card any good? Is that a budget card?
  3. By the way I took a screenshot of the build. I think this will be my basis for now as I work on that PC. Thank you so much for this!
  4. Problem is I won't be able to verify the prices because of the lockdown. Online shopping apps here have inaccurate prices so I can't depend on those either. One of the most important thing I look forward to this build is how quickly will I be able to get my hands on it. You see, jobs are suspended and the whole nation is lockdown due to COVID. So No job = No salary = No PC An end game PC, which technically everyone can own, would probably be affordable for me in about a year or two of savings. But yeah I can't wait that long for a pc.
  5. Is that really what RTX does in games? No other pros just cons? I'm from Philippines. $1000 is like Php 50,000 maybe more or less. I can save up for a better CPU/GPU but I have other things to buy as well so I want to settle on those CPU/GPU for my build. I should mention that prices here are WAY more expensive than you might think.
  6. Someone told me to get the RTX 2060 for the build, hence mu choice of GPU though I am open for suggestions. But seriously, what does the “RTX” do in most cases? Because you mentioned “If you really need rtx”
  7. I'm planning to go for the RTX 2060 for the GPU. Will there be any bottleneck issues? It will just be a 1080p gaming if you're curious.
  8. Does that mean I can make the most out of the 3600? I can throw CAD and gaming on it without facing an issue?
  9. Hello. So I'm finalizing my build so that I can buy parts after lockdown but I'm not really a computer nerd nor do I know something about CPU specs and stuff. Which CPU is better? What am I going to do with the build anyway? Mostly gaming. Sometimes I use CAD for my work.
  10. It doesn't automatically boot to recovery mode whenever I try that. What I do get is this message here, but it doesn't do anything and will just turn into another BSOD after seconds
  11. Yeah. I can't get anything done for like 2 weeks now. Anyways, thank you ?
  12. I can't boot to desktop. That's my main concern. But thank you for the help anyway!
  13. When do I press the F8 exactly? When I power on, it shows the ASUS logo twice, then the Windows logo and BSOD. Whenever I try to press F8 as soon as Windows start it only shows me a black screen with a blinking cursor