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    FloRolf reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony 2020!   
    Ladles and Gentlespoons, it has to be said that quality has made up for quantity this year, we may be thin on the group but we have sure made up for that with the inane level of production we have seen during the third annual folding month. what this month lacks in surprises and excitement it made up for in sheer clout.
    Before we get into the ranks and awards I want to give thanks, first of all I want to thank everyone who participated, no matter if you folded billions of points, or a handful of points, it truly is only a great event because all of you guys get involved. 
    I also want to thank the team behind the scenes, @leadeater deserves our thanks because he is the one who created the script that revolutionised the way in which we handle data, and it has continued to work without flaw during this event(Minus the human error at the start of the event). @marknd59 has been a massive help with validating the points for the daily updates ensuring we could be confident of the data we were publishing. @cbigfoot jumped in to help with points validation from time to time, especially after mark fell ill. @ssmmdd and @j1philli also helped with the event. I'm sorry if anyone from the events team has been missed.
    Please can all make sure we donate a few dollars to Jason over at EOC, his servers must have taken a beating with all the traffic we have thrown at the guy over the last month or so. You can either use this PayPal link or find the PayPal donation button on the EOC Website on the left. Don't forget to include a note thanking him so he knows its from team LTT.  My personal go to is, 'From LTT with love' but you are free to write your own note. 
    This year has been stressful for many of us, with great amounts of uncertainty and anxiety. It can easily be said that for some of us this year has been the most difficult in living memory. We have lost jobs, savings, our homes and even our loved ones, but here, on this forum we stand together, we stand strong and united. We are just one team of many working together to seek out knowledge where there was only a void before. To further the understanding of human health, to maximise our comprehension of diseases. This is a noble task, and for that, I salute you all. 
    List of the honoured dead
    It is a sad time when we see the demise of our hardware, even more sad when that hardware holding out a few more days or weeks would have secured a better position. 
    LpoolTech's Mouse
    CBigfoot's SeaSonic 750 Gold PSU
    John Anti's 2 x  AF120LED case fans
    Gorgons's Gigabyte b450M DS3H
    Justpoets's APC 1500 UPS batteries
    rodarkone's Alphacool Eisbaer 240
    Homeofmew's Hard Drive
    Unilever's Zotac 2080ti amp extreme, 1 cheap 256GB SSD, and 2 EVGA 750 PSU's
    Yaboistar's centre fan on their 1080Ti
    Rybo's MSI 970 Gaming motherboard
    Jack Nafier's Dell Inspirion 5570
    Wall03's RX 470 4GB
    Baha's Zotac GTX 970
    Rest In Piece Valiant hardware, there is a special place in silicon heaven(Red Dwarf Reference right there) for you, lest we forget. 
    Now, it is time to get to what we have all waited for, THE RANKS!
    In first place we have @Den-Fi, taking his throne for the second time. ALL HAIL THE KING! Sitting in what can only be called a very comfortable seat with 2,342,017,007 points he never really looked like loosing. Our previous best point total for any event was 886,386,763 points set during the last folding month. The most interesting point to make of his astounding victory is the fact that ran all of his hardware himself and didn't sport a single mercenary during the event. 
    In Second place we have @Macaw2000, the king of the mercenaries, he may have gain his position by the use of cloud computing but with 1,641,029,686 points we won't hold that against him. Our second person to have over one billion points for a folding event your name should be revered like royalty. 
    In third place we have @rodarkone, our third and final person to breach the one billion points barrier during folding month with 1,044,854,657 points to their name during this event has claimed this respectable position. Let your pride beam from you like the searing glow of a searchlight in the night. 
    4th place is filled by newbie @Unilevers with 941,856,695 points, this is still better than our historical best and a fine score to achieve during the event. 
    5th place is filled by @miker07with 845,682,351 points, down one position from last folding month. 
    6th @Gorgonwith 843,750,865 points.
    7th @Shlouskiwith 657,555,359 points.
    8th @_Rlockewith 651,385,368 points.
    9th  @LAR_Systems with 542,632,893 points.
    10th @Justaphf with 521,033,918 points. 
    Make sure you take the time to check if you have won a prize by clicking the link below. 
    If you don't see your name on the sheet above you either did not sign up for this event or you did not meet the minimum requirements. All event badges will be handed out without any intervention needed from you guys, PLEASE DO NOT message me or the team about event badges. These badges are handled internally by the mod team and will be distributed shortly. 
    The winners will have 7 working days from the publication of this post to claim the prize, if the prize goes unclaimed it may be raffled again, if it is not then it will be added to the community pool for future events. In order to claim the Prize you will need to PM me here on the forum, with the subject;
    'I am here to claim what is rightfully mine!'
    To claim an Amazon voucher you will need to produce some details such as email and the amazon region you use. f you use a currency different to USD we will give you the closest amount in your own currency. 
    Now onto the little announcements! 
    The first to come is the new higher folding badge thresholds, these new values have been decided due to the increase of power a GPU can provide; this has made it much easier to achieve badges in recent years. The new thresholds below will come into force on January 1st, 2021. Anyone holding a current badge will be grandfathered in! This means you won't have your badge downgraded after the new thresholds come into effect. 
    The second announcement is the new rules for future events, these rules are still preliminary and we are awaiting final confirmation from the mod team. these rules are subject to change;
    Failing to meet the minimum requirements.
    Publicly discussing the administration of the event;
    If you have an issue with the way in which the event is being conducted please reach out to an appropriate member of the event team.
    Signing up to the event with a folding identity that is believed to not be your own.
    Signing up to the event with more than one folding identity.
    Conducting yourself in a manner that is believed to be not in the spirit of the event, this includes but not limited to the below;
    purposefully only meeting the minimum requirements, acting to undermine the integrity of the event, to attempt to cause division within the community. 
    Breaking any one of these rules will result in a disqualification from the event. It is also important to know that there is no appeal process for disqualifications. 
    This is Spectrum signing off,
    Happy Folding,
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    FloRolf reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Prelude III   
    This is a very quick update just to let you all know where we are at. 
    There is no updated participant list as of yet. 
    Due to the rapid development of the situation in Britain of COVID-19 my household has taken the hard and complicated decision to isolate ourselves as much as possible. We are expecting this to last a minimum of 6 weeks, but it could very well be significantly longer.
    All people who live here have some form of medical issue that puts us in a very hard situation. This means that over the next 24-48 hours I will be quite busy handling friends and family, medication supplies, shopping and contacting the local council to inform them of our decision and having some form of care plan put in place.
    I hope that you can all understand that this task must take precedence over all else. 
    The starting date and time for the event will be remaining as originally planned to ensure I have the time needed to have everything in place for this. 
    I will be available on the event thread and also via DM when needed where possible. 
    In the meantime if you desperately need assistance @Metallus97 will be around to answer general questions about folding at home. @leadeater has access to the datasheet and can help to confirm entries and make correction. 
    Thank you all for your respect and understanding at this challenging time, please, keep yourself safe.
    Happy folding,