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Status Updates posted by FloRolf

  1. I know money can't bring back our loved ones but at least it can take some of that stress away that'll sit in the back of the head of the bereaved. 

    So if you can, give something for our fallen LMG friend. 




    And there was also a Memorial Stream, if you wanna rewatch. First about 15mins are quite emotional though





    RIP Tyler :(

    1. Skiiwee29


      I'm not crying.. I rubbed Onions in my eyes.. I swear...



      :( 😿😿😿😿

  2. Daaaaamn, just finished Clone Wars and it's reeeeaaaally incredible. 


    Can't recommend it enough. 

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    2. WaggishOhio383


      If you liked Clone Wars, you should watch Rebels. I personally enjoyed Rebels even more than Clone Wars. The first season is okay, but all the seasons after that are amazing. It gets into a lot of expanded lore that's going to be important to understand for the new Star Wars shows Disney is making.

    3. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      I still have to finish season 7

      but yea good Star Wars series 

    4. FloRolf


      @HairlessMonkeyBoy actually season 5 is quite important, watch it! :D


      @WaggishOhio383 yes I plan to do that next. 😍


      @Drama Lamait's pretty good, watch it! 😛


  3. Ebay just sent me an email with the subject "Great news: NICs, postage stamps from france and it's colonies and much more...!" 


    Can't remember the last time I searched for postage stamps but it was probably never. Apparently they go nicely with NICs though and I have quite a few of those... 

    1. FloRolf


      Seriously though, I have five 10G NICs just lying around here collecting dust 😭😭

  4. Huh I watched MockingJay Part 2 yesterday where they conquer the Capitol and just that night 'Murica does the exact same. 


    It's happening! Prepare yourselves for the hunger games people! 

  5. What should my 10000th post be?

    1. soldier_ph
    2. Spotty


      You should post tenacious D's tribute in the what song are you listening to thread and say it's a tribute to your 10,000th post, and when people point out that it wasn't your 10,000th post because off topic doesn't count you can say


      This is not the 10,000th post, no

      This is just a tribute

      This is a tribute

      To the 10,000th post on the forum

  6. Tech Tip: actively cool your older 10gbit NICs or else they just overheat and stop working. 



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    2. Windows7ge


      Part of the problem is they're copper. If you use SFP+ w/ fiber transceivers those 10Gig NICs don't run nearly as hot. They run warm without active cooling but not to any concerning degree.

    3. FloRolf


      @Windows7ge yes definetly. But i just like how RJ45 based NICs integrate waaaay easier into "existing" networks. 

    4. Windows7ge


      Yeah, for my own use case SFP+ was the way to go but if you want your 10Gig network to have connections to your 1Gig network it can save you time/money if they're physically compatible.


      SFP+ to 10G RJ-45 transceivers exist but they're pricey and SFP+ switches are also not exactly pocket money.

  7. Can someone explain why there is two types of ads and why both are shit? 


    We have the:

    "THESE are the Top 3 *whatevers* of 2020, click here to find out more" 


    And then we have

    "THIS will happen in Season 3 of *some show* after *dude* died!" 



    Can we just please turn this shit around? 

    I want to know the top 3 right away but I DON'T want the Spoiler that the dude died. Wtf man. 

    1. Benji


      I rather wonder about the fact that these small banners for "This odd trick/consuming this odd food will improve/fix *insert damaged body part/function* up to * times in seconds/after the first use! You just need to..." have been declared as a fraud by Google and they want to go against it, but they're the only ads that I see and they become more and more even though Google wants to stop the spread.

    2. manikyath


      i only get car ads and tampon ads...

  8. We are writing the year 2021 and it's finally working boooiiiis.





    took me well over a year and i don't know why it's working but it is! 10gbit connection to the NAS goes brrrr.

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    2. soldier_ph


      @FloRolfPics of your setup when ?

    3. FloRolf


      @soldier_ph when I cleaned up, so probably never lmao.


      But it's pretty sick :P




      Nah not really. 

    4. Windows7ge


      If you can run iPerf on both sets of interfaces it'll help you tell if it's a network issue or something else.

  9. Well damn, 

    Robocopy ladies and gentlement, is THE shit.

    Testfile: CSGO on Steam; 28,4gb with ~4000 individual files


    Windows File Copy: 18 Minutes 10 Seconds





    2 Minutes 6 Seconds.




    1. FloRolf


      Thing is, that there were so many small files that speeds dropped to just a few KBytes/s a lot and my 10GBe Network was barely used, if at all.



      Copied from 960 Evo NVMe to dual RAID0 860 evo over 10GBe btw. 

  10. Thanks to the recent 100gbit switch video I learned that Robocopy supports Multithreading. 

    Did some quick testing (pun intended) and it turns out faster but I don't know why. 


    I copied about 8 3gb+ (total 30gb) Video files over to the NAS with Robocopy and with Windows file transfer. Robo did it in 1:30min and Windows in almost 2:30min. 

    CPU usage was the same though, only stressing one core. 


    What I saw though was that Robo keeps speeds up, always copying at ~350mb/s while windows dropped to 180mb/s about halfway through. 

    1. FloRolf


      I will now try with more but smaller files, for example copying a steam game. 

  11. TIL that you can just right click a link on your Desktop Chrome and send that to your Phones Chrome.

    Mind = Blown.




    it says "Send to OnePlus phone"

    1. FloRolf


      You can even select a phone number and then just press "call using OnePlus phone".




    2. Benji


      Big news :D

      Yup, I once noticed that by accident as well.

  12. F :(




    1. FloRolf


      That's some shit. I know how it feels to lose a colleague as one of my team at work died in early 2019. It really was a rough time for all of us but unfortunately working in this industry doesn't leave you much time to remember. Hope Tyler stays in the hearts of LMG forever. 

    2. 3 Lions
  13. For Christmas I gave my GF her first ever Lego set, Hedwig from Harry Potter. 

    She asked me how long it would roughly take to assemble all 640 pieces and I said about 45minutes.


    After watching her for 15 Minutes I think I was way off lmao. This is gonna take the entire Sunday :P


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    2. FloRolf


      They just finished bag 1 of 4 right at the 45 Minute mark :D

    3. DildorTheDecent


      Make the next build the Chiron.


      Took me 18hrs~ to build. Will probably take them to late 2021, kek.

    4. FloRolf
  14. Ok so i saw this shit on facebook.




    and then i added some other stuff for comparison. Doubt this will bring COVID deniers back to their senses but i tried. 


  15. For my chrismas eve movie i chose "The Midnight Sky", a new Netflix OG with George Clooney and Felicity Jones and now i am here to tell you that you don't have to watch it. It's made pretty well but the movie itself is really weak. 5/10 max. 

  16. Oh f#ck me. 

    The Indians below are now listening to Christmas music. 


    1. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      Maybe you should introduce your neighbor to Norwegian thrash metal music

    2. Bombastinator


      This means it’s still novel and they haven’t gotten sick of it yet.  Give it time.  Everyone gets sick of Christmas music eventually.  

    3. minibois


      Listen to Tunak Tunak and all other Indian music to establish dominance

  17. All my whatsapp groups be posting their Christmas swag etc right now while I am home alone and cleaning up lmao. 

    This may very well be the weirdest Christmas yet. 

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    2. Benji



      Europeans have weird ways to do things. 🙄

      Well, given the pseudo-religiosity of the US people I'd be careful with such things.


      But I don't know for sure if it's just a German thing or whatever it is.

    3. FloRolf


      @Grumpy Old Man Weeeeeell considering it's called "Boxing Day" in the US and in germany we have the Holy Night on 24th and then 1st and 2nd Christmas day on 25th and 26th i think we are the ones doing it less commercialized and therefore less weird ;)

    4. FloRolf


      Since i am atheist though it's basically all just commerce anyways lol.. 

  18. I hate cooking all by myself. This shit stresses me out. 

    1. Benji


      Why? What are you cooking? 😄

    2. DrMacintosh


      The biggest issue for me is that I tend to eat whatever it is that I'm cooking so by the time I'm done I've snacked too much.

    3. manikyath


      i like cooking for myself, there's no one to judge my barbaric reicpes :D

  19. Okay Ya'll I need help with movie night again. 


    1. 2nd Indiana Jones 

    2. Pulp Fiction (hell yeah) 

    3. Django Unchained 

    4. Shazam! 

    5. Recommendations?! 



    You have roughly 30 minutes. 


    Thanks lol 

  20. Okokokok. 

    Just finished watching "1917" and it was AMAZEBALLS. 

    Holy shit. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen. 


    It's made in a "one-shot" style, meaning you very rarely see/feel any cuts in the movie and that makes it really freaking immersive. 



    10/10 go watch it. 

    1. FloRolf


      Also having the 4k HDR Dolby Atmos Bluray and a good speaker setup is a very nice thing. 

      TV could have a couple more inches... 60 isn't cutting it anymore in 2020 (2021) lmao. 

    2. Spotty


      Yep, really liked that movie.


      Birdman is also shot in the same "one shot" style if you liked that, but it's quite a different genre of movie.

    3. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama


      10/10 go watch it. 

      Problem: I already watched it in cinema when it came out. very good movie. The „ one shot „ style was something I really noticed when watching it

  21. I have some Indian cunts living in the apartment below mine and at this point I am sure they are fucking deaf. Their TV is literally in my bedroom. 


    Can you just shut your fucking Indian TV up ffs. 

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    2. FloRolf
    3. Benji


      Yeah, some people think they live alone and are just egocentric anyway. The neighbours above me are also loud basically the entire day... and night.

    4. Drama Lama
  22. Leaving my last day of work this year like




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    2. FloRolf


      @Drama Lamait's over 2 weeks ♥.♥


      @Velcade Cheers mate!

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      Imagine having a Christmas break from work, Jesus that sounds nice.

    4. Velcade



      Imagine having a Christmas break from work,

      I always save 2 weeks of vacation for this very thing.  It's a nice way to reset and go into the new year refreshed.  Just long enough to stop thinking about work.

  23. Oh Lord i've been through quite the ordeal right now...


    Couple years back i made a Uplay Account but used a throw away and quite shameful email.

    Then something weird happend and the email adress ending on .com doesn't exist anymore, but .de does.

    So i still have the Uplay account but no access to the email anymore.


    Now i just had a chat with the support and it was... awkward af... 

    They need some kind of "proof" that i own the games/account but i have NEVER purchased anything on there lmao.

    All Uplay keys i have are from Promo's. The dude at the support was like "... but let me guess, you also got those games for free..?"

    "yes.... but actually no...."


    I've never had a worse chat in my life. Dude was very helpful though and actually changed the email even though i couldn't really give him what he wanted.

  24. Short survey about Password managers here. Might make a topic about this later. 


    1. Do you use a password manager? If yes which one? If no, why not? 

    2. Do you let the password manager create random passwords? If yes, how many digits do you usually chose? If no, do you just use it for convenience so you don't have to type them everytime? Do you make secure passwords by yourself instead? 

    3. How do you secure your password manager? Only password or also 2FA? Maybe even a physical key (Yubikey)? 

    4. Do you store all your passwords in there or do you keep more important ones like Bank accounts only "in your head"? 

    5. Do you have a physical piece of paper that contains your passwords instead? Do you keep that in a save/bank vault etc? (don't answer if not comfortable ofc)

    6. How often do you change your account passwords (for example LTT Forum, Steam etc) and how often your password mangers master password? 

    7. Do you also have accounts that you leave "insecure" on purpose because lazy? For example some website where you only purchase 1 thing once so you make the password 123.



    If you have any other noteworthy information/questions feel free to share. 

    I'm currently trying to secure my accounts more as I am the lazy "same but slightly different" password kind of guy and I want to change that. (hence I bought the Yubikey recently) 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. FloRolf


      @soldier_phdamn son, you seem to have trust issues with 99 digit passwords :D

      Did you know though, that you can still  use the Yubikey with Lastpass just fine? Not as convenient maybe but you don't have to pay.

      You can use the Google Authenticator App but instead link the thing to the Yubikey authenticator App. That way you have to enter a 6 Digit Code everytime you log in. 


      It's pretty easy and works really well. Check here:


    3. soldier_ph


      @FloRolf Oh wow thanks for that video. Good thing it works this way too.

    4. The Torrent

      The Torrent

      I use chrome built in one cuz it’s free, easy, and I’m lazy and a man of risks.