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    The Cynical Aussie
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    6 Feet Down Under
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    Yeah, im probs gunna get a warning for the above statement.
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    Being Weird


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    i5 2400
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    G.SKILL RipJaws 8gb 1333mhz
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    Sapphire Radeon HD7970 OC
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    1x Hitachi 1tb 7200rpm - more commonly know as eardrum burster, 1x Samsung EVO 250gb
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    Corsair CX750
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    Primary: Asus PB278. Secondary: AOC 21 inch LCD.
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    3x Fractal 140mm fans
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    Corsair K90
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    Corsair M90
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    Sennheiser HD438
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  1. Clean, tho the rest of the car is accented with black, maybe some sort of black rims would go well. Semi gloss to match the plastic trim.
  2. At the moment I'm researching political ideologys and general discussion around it. Generally just want opinions on different types and why exactly you think said type is better. Don't want flame comments about each one, just a general idea of what people are thinking. I have a survey here if you have some free time https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OF4iDpYK5iYW1t1Uqg3GStLIf0RAYIgktPNE6G2-XqM/viewform
  3. Id disagree. HDD's and RAM are so cheap second hand its not even really a loss if it fucks up. Maybe get a new SSD for booting and important shit. I mean, 2 years ago i picked up 8gb of ddr3 for $10. One of my storage drives is the same. Never had a problem. As a general rule just buy smart and don't deal with shady people. Also picking up in person is always good.
  4. We have much higher pay overall though. Average wage is like 20k higher than the US and so on.
  5. I have an old 4.5hp motor sitting on the shelf. One day ill get the motivation to weld something up. One day.
  6. ...yeah maybe we are on different pages. I regular burnout/drag events over here in aus and the LS's never sound as good. Just listen to any straight piped LS vs BBC or even SBC. These videos sorta do it justice, its a lot easier to make out in person. LS motor BBC We have a rather crude saying in the burnout events, LS's sound like they have dicks in the exhaust I wouldn't go that far. Edit - Soz for using burnout events, videos were just quicker to find.
  7. LS's sound tame full stop i reckon. Doesn't matter what mods that are done.
  8. Depends on the car. Some cars i reckon are meant to be loud, while some are better left quiet. But come on, whats not to like about rolling down a hill in third and just hearing pop pop popppop pop pop.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/391196766794?rmvSB=true 250gb is selling for 80~ i think aswell if anyone is interested
  10. Yeah, thats the only problem. It will probably go for more than its worth.
  11. If I were you i would get a 240/180sx without an engine and transmission (if u want one), then buy a car with an engine that fits, but has been owned by some old geezer and has never gone over 40mph. Swap the engine in and you have a basically new car. All up you might pay a bit more than a whole car, but if its your daily, its worth it. Idk how comfortably you are with putting in engines though. One of my mates is doin it atm, and he's never worked on a car before, so it isnt that hard. Its actually a dying art it seems. One of my parents goes to work in a place where they use fleet car
  12. True, if you actually want to stop quickly drums make it, lets say interesting...