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  1. holy crap dude!.. this build is just pure perfection!.. congrats on getting sponsored and fulfiling your dream!
  2. you should also wrap the PSU in white carbon fiber imo!.. i wrapped mine with black carbon fiber and it looks AWESOME, to say the least... excellent build bro!.. btw, can you provide any links to those sata data cables?.. are they available only in white?.. i need some black and red cables, been searching for those for a while already!..
  3. in that case, 3-4 titans x would be good i guess... even tho i already tried the 4k experience and whatnot, i must say, according to MY experience, i would much rather get 1 or 2 titans and play on 3 1080p 144hz monitors... or 1440p @ 144hz monitors if you manage to get one of those rog swifts or something like that!.. 144hz its a whole different story.. its so much better than anything else ive tried before... i guess ill go with 4k once there is decent/cheaper hardware available to run that res smoothly and once there are 100+ hz 4k monitors available.. i believe i will be waiting fo
  4. 14 years old, 5k+ build.. holy shit.. dual titans should be more than enough but hey, since this looks like isnt your money, go for id(i would ) anyways, lets see how this turns out!.. good luck!
  5. Sure! here you have 2 quick benchs i ran... Things to take in consideration: I ran this benchs a couple days ago, and where i live(Asuncion-Paraguay) its USUAL to have temperatures of around 40 degrees CELSIUS... yep you read that right, sometimes in the toughest days we even reach around 48-50 degrees C... In this room, the ambient temp was around 30-35 degrees celsius so i can say temperatures are pretty decent. 3DMark Fire Strike Score: 3DMark 11 Score: Later on ill add some Unigine bench scores! Yup im taking that in consideration. Maybe i do
  6. small update! got this new babies on my desk! they sound incredibly amazing.. next step is getting the KRK 10S subwoofer. also got some auralex acoustic pads to put right under them! also i replaced my 2 samsung 840 evos with this baby! also i did some quick bench and those were the results: WITHOUT rapid mode enabled: WITH rapid mode enabled: thats it for now!
  7. yeah i was thinking about that! and also fill that big gap beetween motherboard and res with something.. uhmm maybe a decal or something like that.. still thinking about that! cool!.. thanks! ill be updating this post whenever i do some more progress!.. next step is getting a custom table and chair!..
  8. yeah its kinda big! but i like the size, it provides good airflow for better cooling! ... but seriously, thanks! haha yeah i guess! Thanks bro! yeah i was thinking to do that.. maybe by the end of the year i end up updating some small parts and adding a double thick 240 rad! thanks for the tip
  9. thanks man!.. i know it has its imperfections but its mine and i love it! haha
  10. dude, seriously it will take you like 10 minutes to fix that up.. its not really that hard >.<
  11. thanks! and actually there is no "need" for it, i just like the case and i feel comfortable building on it!.. theres even enough room to fit another motherboard in there ... might aswell build 2 pcs in one haha. ------------------------------------------------------------------- on the other hand i decided to take pictures with my galaxy note 4(i replaced my old s4 with this one) and colors seems better in those pictures!...
  12. that was the idea on the beggining but having that behemoth on top doesnt provides enough room for a front rad.. also i guess i could add a small 140 rad on the back, what do you think? thanks
  13. Hello everyone, i know its an old post but ive finally completed my build.. ill post some pictures(i did my best about the quality but the camera isnt the best and my hands also shake a lot so bare with me) and let you guys judge . Idk why the liquid color seems kind of orange and the cables seem pinkish but they look pretty much the same irl! weird but whatever. Also Mayhems tharsis red liquid looks amazing!. and its also one of the best liquids ive ever used, left no gunks, corrosion or anything like that. Clean stuff! Theres so much room for activities!