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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Coolday in Is there a way to reduce HDR brightness ?   
    the point of HDR is high max brightness and lower minimum brightness. lowering brightness while HDR is turned on basically undo's the HDR effect. thats why its disabled. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Ashley xD in What am i supposed to do?   
    looks like windows might not be detecting the correct resolution. Im guessing the next button is on the lower right but the screen is zoomed in because of the wrong resolution. once you connected to the internet, just wait for a bit and then restart after about 30 minutes. windows might be able to download the correct drivers and then show you the screen properly. if that does not help, try unplugging the monitor and then plugging it in again. if that does not work, try another hdmi port if you have one
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    The_Vaccine reacted to mariushm in What is DisplayPort 1.4 Display Stream Compression   
    It's a real time near lossless image compression ... the video card compresses the image on the screen and sends it to the monitor, and the monitor must have a processor powerful enough to decompress the frames as they come.
    The image compression is something like... let's say a mix between PNG images (lossless) and JPG 95% or better, basically difficult to spot artifacts... but it's not lossless, bit exact. 
    DSC must be supported by the processor inside the monitor.... so if your monitor is old it won't be supported.
    See VESA and MIPI Announce Display Stream Compression Standard
    and the whitepaper here that's more technical : http://www.vesa.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/VESA_DSC-ETP200.pdf
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from jaslion in Time to ascend, AW3420DW?   
    $1000 usd for that? seems excessive. there are many 34inch 1440p ultrawides half that price. why are you looking at dell? they don't make they good monitors...
    Edit: wdym by No HDR is a con?
    Edit 2: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/monitor/#F=863600000,1651000000&r=512001440,344001440&sort=price&page=1
                ^^^ here... US$500 monitors that are likely better
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from lexusgamer05 in My dream PC   
    peripherals. and those are high end parts...
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    The_Vaccine reacted to FakeNSA in Linus did a interview about the forum?   
    That creative life is a podcaster who did a longform interview with Linus a few weeks ago, found here.
    The clips channel is apparently where she releases more "youtube friendly" clips.
    Decent podcast, worth a watch on the linus episode!
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from AbydosOne in Poll: Do you use right-shift?   
    I use it like... once a year...My muscle memory has not been trained to use right shift. 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to Moonzy in Poll: Do you use right-shift?   
    How else would you press ctrl+shift+n with one hand?
     ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Electronics Wizardy in Solution for Network Latency when Gaming   
    i'm assuming you pay for that them... please for the love of god please buy your own. instead of paying $10/month for the trash that they give you, buy your own for $100 and you never have to pay again. buy your own router if you can too. you'll get a much better connection with one you can buy yourself (along with much more control over how it works in the settings). 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to Windows7ge in Kali Linux stepping up their game with new WSL2 GUI   
    I assume it's not full virtualization because last I checked with WSL you have a file path in & out of the Linux guest. They can influence each other so it's not isolated from the host completely. It's some sort of compatibility layer.
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Windows7ge in Kali Linux stepping up their game with new WSL2 GUI   
    @bowrilla @Windows7ge apparently WSL2 is already using hyper-v and virtualizing the kernel. so its probably exactly the same but slightly better in terms of features. 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to BlueScope819 in Streaming PC for online lectures on youtube   
    A laptop with a Ryzen 5 4500U
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    The_Vaccine reacted to Vitamanic in Internet Lag on Select games   
    You have people trying to troubleshoot latency problems and others thinking you’re talking about graphical performance. Usually when people say lag they mean network problems.
    If you’re referring to 4 seconds of packet loss, that’s almost certainly a network issue and you need to diagnose it as such.
    The first step would be to open up command line and run something like “ping -t Google.com” without quotes and just let it run. When the game lags out, tab out ASAP and see if the pings to Google in the command line also timed out. If they did, that would point to you having local network issues. If they didn’t, it would point to it being an external network issue.
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    The_Vaccine reacted to Donut417 in Need help switching to ssd   
    You copy your data on to another drive. Like your documents and pictures and such. Software generally cant be copied but some can. Steam games are in the Steam Apps folder, and Ive noticed most games from GOG you can generally just copy the games directory somewhere else. 
    Basically select your files and copy + paste. 
    I highly suggest installing Windows 10 fresh. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Benjamin22044 in Google Play Music being retired - transitioning to YouTube Music   
    You cannot upload music to Spotify. it really sucks that you can't do that, but YT Music is so bad, that i'm willing to sacrifice. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Benjamin22044 in Google Play Music being retired - transitioning to YouTube Music   
    YT Music sucks ass. GPM was much better. i'm switching to Spotify. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Sir Asvald in Need help switching to ssd   
    you should avoid migrating an OS if you can. there can be weird software glitches if windows was installed on a HDD and then gets moved to an SSD. thats because when windows is installed on a hdd, it configures itself for certain parameters for hard drives. but for ssds, those settings are different. most of the time it does not matter, but if it is an older installation (installed >2 years ago), the likelyhood of issus increases. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Bombastinator in What does this mean?   
    just let it run. do not force shutdown. Windows will occasionally check your hard drive for problems when it thinks that there may be an issue. 
    Edit: Once it completes, search for and download CrystalDiskInfo, screenshot the program and post it here. 
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Applefreak in What case should i go for?   
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from LAwLz in Google Play Music being retired - transitioning to YouTube Music   
    YT Music sucks ass. GPM was much better. i'm switching to Spotify. 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to lexusgamer05 in Google Play Music being retired - transitioning to YouTube Music   
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from wall03 in Google Play Music being retired - transitioning to YouTube Music   
    YT Music sucks ass. GPM was much better. i'm switching to Spotify. 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to Nena Trinity in The official but unnoficial DDR4 tier list :3   
    Based on this vote!
    7ns or faster (warp speed)
    7.5+ (ICBM speed):
    8.0ns+ (very fast)
    8.5ns+ (fast)
    9.0ns+ (above average):
    9.5ns+ (average+):
    10ns (average):
    Over 10ns (average-):
    Over 11ns (below average):
    Over 12ns (slow)
    Over 13ns (very slow):
    Over 14ns (to slow):
    Over 15ns (you better have ECC or dead to me!):
    ((wip please pardon the mess))
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    The_Vaccine got a reaction from Muradov in Laptop should offer selective charging   
    Goddamnit your profile pic... fuck you
    Yes. OEMs need to implement better battery management software but they don't seem to care. if the battery degrades, its good for them, you either buy a new laptop, or buy a replacement battery. its a win-win for them, and a lose for you. 
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    The_Vaccine reacted to CharlieSuper in Modding the Dell G7 7588 to have a built-in Fingerprint sensor - like it shoulda' been from the factory   
    Dell G7 7588 - The Fingerprint Sensor that always Shoulda’ Been

    In 2018, Dell released the G7 7588, a decent gaming laptop. High tier models, or models purchased via Dell’s website (so I've read), had the option of a Fingerprint Reader built into the system. Even now, you don’t always see alternative methods to loggin’ in to a gamery style system, or even lower-end systems - this shouldn’t be, it’s 2020... 
    In mid-2019, I purchased a G7 at a reduced cost from Best-Buy, it’s modest, but didn’t come with a built-in fingerprint reader. After seeing one review of a G7 with a fingerprint reader, I was curious how difficult it would be to add it in after purchase, and since my warranty expired... Well, it was rather difficult and a bit expensive.

    This is solely out of my own curiosity - I am providing this info without warranty!
    I may not be able to provide assistance to any potential issue you may have during this mod - mod your G7 7588 at your own risk.
    I will not replace anything you break - you opened the system, I cannot, and will not, reimburse your decision.
    This is a guide of how I went about getting a fingerprint sensor added into my G7 7588, your results may vary.
    Any links provided are not endorsements for the seller, service, or product

    You will be required to open your computer - Backup your data! I would consider this low-moderate risk if you know what you’re doing, but better safe than forever loss of data.
    You must have a decent screwdriver set - I was using a hardware store precious driver set using the PH1 Phillips head (M5 screws are present throughout the case)
    A plastic Pry tool - Something from iFixit, or other tool that will not scratch the paint and aluminum.
    Read and understand the Dell G7 7588 Service Manual - this will tell you how to teardown the Dell G7 7588 (and best practices) (https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/04/g-series-15-7588-laptop/g7-7588-servicemanual/before-working-inside-your-computer?guid=guid-5d3b1051-9384-409a-8d5b-9b53bd496de8&lang=en-us)
    You will need the Fingerprint Sensor, the Fingerprint reader, the cable to connect the module to the power button, and a power button circuit board set up for the fingerprint reader.
    What to buy:
    My system used a fingerprint sensor and module from a Dell G7 7577 P/N: MTYDT
    eBay search:
    You will also need a cable to go from the FP circuit board to the power button circuit board P/N: CKF5C
    eBay Search
    You will need to replace the power button board for one that includes the ribbon connector for the FP module P/N: 0F3YW / 7N8KW  
    A quick tip: if the seller only shows the side with the button on it, and you can see an LED, that’s not the correct board (FP power button boards don’t, from what I’ve seen, have a power LED) - the FP board has two ribbon connectors on the back of the board, the non-FP boards have one ribbon connector and unoccupied space that could theoretically include a ribbon connector (you might be able to mod the non-FP board with a ribbon connector).
    eBay Search:

    Non-Fingerprint Power button (left) Fingerprint enabled Power button (right)
    Sorry for the blurry image - didn't clean the camera lens
    Directions - https://topics-cdn.dell.com/pdf/g-series-15-7588-laptop_service-manual_en-us.pdf :
    Follow the Dell G7 7588 Service Manual section on “Removing the Power Button” including its prerequisites.
    Follow the Dell G7 7588 Service Manual section on “Replacing the Fingerprint Reader Board”
    Note: You may be required to remove some of the plastic from the Fingerprint module itself to fit the space from the original power button.
    Follow the Post-requisites in the Dell G7 7588 Service Manual Section on “Replacing the Fingerprint Reader Board”

    After reinstalling everything, and powering on, 3 orange lights and 1 white light will blink on the charge indicator - this is expected, this is a code identifying that the CMOS battery failed (or in this case disconnected - its removal is required to get to the power button board) - shutdown your system and repower it on. Your G7 may turn off a few times (and you’ll need to turn it back on) before post-ing all the way (as long as no other codes show, you should be good). You may need to change your settings in your BIOS/UEFI.
    A list of stop codes for the G7 can be found here: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/04/g-series-15-7588-laptop/g7-7588-servicemanual/system-diagnostic-lights?guid=guid-1249af58-9da3-473d-bdb7-73f41f8ffba8&lang=en-us

    A successful FP hardware install will show “Goodix Fingerprint Device” under Other Devices in the Device Manager in Windows 10 - there’s still the driver to download.
    If you have an “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Windows 10 Device Manager - I managed to solve this issue by reseating the ribbon cables to the power button board and fingerprint sensor module.

    Installing Goodix Software:
    This is where it gets finicky, you will either need to download the Goodix Fingerprint Driver for the Dell G7 15 7588, the Dell Inspiron 15 7577 (the driver for the 7577 was the one that worked for me), or other driver should you have snagged a fingerprint reader from another Dell laptop that would work with a G7 7588.
    Navigate to the Dell support website (support.dell.com) - you will download the drivers directly from Dell, don’t trust driver downloads from some guy on the internet…
    Search for Dell G7 7588 (or use the detection tool, if Dell’s support website hasn’t already pulled your laptops service tag automatically).
    Go the “Drivers and Downloads” tab
    Search for “finger” in the keyword box
    Download and install the latest Goodix Fingerprint Sensor Driver.
    A successful install will show the Windows Installation Wizard, a failed install will be a popup “Goodix Fingerprint Device Not Found”
    Follow the Wizards instructions to install

    If the installation failed - go to support.dell.com and search for Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7577 (or just 7577).
    Click on “Drivers and Downloads” button
    Type “finger” (without quotes) into the keyword box
    Download and install the latest Goodix Fingerprint Sensor Driver. 
    A successful install will show the Windows Installation Wizard, a failed install will be a popup “Goodix Fingerprint Device Not Found”
    Follow the Wizards instructions to install

    Once the install is complete, you should see a new “Biometric devices” section in Windows 10’s Device Manager with a “Goodix fingerprint” device. 
    You should now see an option to use "Windows Hello Fingerprint" under sign-in options in the settings menu.