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  1. what are you planning on doing? afaik the ryzen 5600x does not have quad channel but im not sure. dual *rank* though does make a difference.
  2. i don't think you understand how dangerous it could be.. if you put it onto ballots now and it fails, you need to wait a long time.. that gives incentives for all the manufactures to go full blast turbo mode and serialize everything. people can't vote to make it better because you need to wait 6 years and legislature moves 30 years behind. so while we wait for the next time to put it on, people will become used to the reality of no right to repair and then it will never pass. you only have 1 chance.
  3. as he said in the video.. you only really get 1 chance every like 6 years because of the way the ballot questions work. I don't think people are ready yet or even know what right to repair means yet.
  4. external 2.5inch hdd from seagate. I plug it into my computer with a usb port but it's a sata drive.
  5. I wanted to reinstall windows to get a clean start. So, I backed up my computer to my external hdd and then reinstalled windows. I formatted my boot drive so I would get a clean version of windows. So, at this point, my backups were on my external hdd and my main computer had nothing on it anymore. When I then plugged my hdd back in to recover my files from my backup, it was all gone. For some strange reason, after plugging my hdd in the entire drive was empty. Nothing was there. All my backups, pictures, documents, everything gone. I had about 100gb with of backups that dissapeared into thin
  6. from that picture, it seems like there is no way to keep the highest point of the loop away from the cpu block if you mount it in the lower front. that is the worst configuration you can have it in. cpu block should not be at the top. if you can mount it above at the top of the case or remove the cd drive cage and move the radiator up, do that.
  7. power efficiency at low loads is bad yes, but it doesnt really matter that much. if your system is only using 50W and efficiency is 80%, then you are using ~63W from the wall. that will hardly make a difference. plus, going with a higher watt psu will make the psu run cooler and quieter so it will last even longer and not make noise. if it's that cheap, just take it.
  8. it also depends on the game server location. Because you are in chile, there aren't going to be any ubisoft servers in that region as far as I know. so you are always going to be connecting to USA servers which are MUCH farther away. the farther away the server location, more ping. on speedtest you are always testing with the closest server so it is not a real world speed. there is nothing you can do to improve your ping. More distance to server = more ping. its just physics.
  9. you can withdraw your money and trade it in for a stable coin. that way you keep your earnings in crypto without loosing value. preferably withdraw to your own private wallet where you have control over your private keys. not sure about you, but for me, as long as it's even slightly profitable, keep going. even if it dips a lot, some money is better than none.
  10. i don't see why not... it just requires a lot of power for the dish so idk how feasible it would be irl. it's also like $100/month so for a bus that would be a pretty large cost they would have to cover (plus maintenance)
  11. I started mining on my laptop (gtx 1060) and its been going for 2 months. thankfully I live on campus so electricity was free. I made $70 in 2 months. this is fantastic. forces me to stop gaming and focus on work too. 


    unfortunately I have a roommate and he cant bear the loud fans so I have to turn it off at night. 

  12. do you need the laptop asap or later? because good laptops are out of stock everywhere due to covid.
  13. have you seen reviews from HardwareUnboxed? have have excellent detailed analysis videos on monitors and give recommendations.
  14. the 1660 super does have an nvenc encoder so it would be pretty good to stream with but idk about 720@60 (no experience with streaming)
  15. Which one should I use for my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop? I just need the docking station capability with 2 hdmi, and a few usb-c. I know there are much cheaper options but I need the docking capability (power deliver with power button). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088F7SY6S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M6S81CM