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  1. try running the program in admin mode. try reinstalling the program. try a different cable. try using droidCam over IP and see if it still causes issues. I see that one of the error messages says something about adb. see if enabling usb debugging in the phones developer options helps.
  2. if you do not plug the usb into the pc and boot, does it detect anything? try resetting the bios and see of that helps. try any other m.2 slots on the motherboard. if this is a new motherboard, contact the manufacturer (asrock)
  3. I would highly suggest looking at the HardwareUnboxed reviews on youtube. They provide excellent monitor reviews that go in depth and test everything. Edit: go to 4:35 Edit 2: it seems like HU recommend either getting the MSI model in the video if you can afford it, or go with the dell on you already listed above.
  4. $85 for 3 years is really not that bad.. what all does it cover? in college, any downtime with your laptop is a big deal so its probably worth it depending on what is covered and how quickly they are going to fix it.
  5. when was the last time windows was updated? last time the system was rebooted?
  6. so trying a different mobo and also trying different ram still giving you problem? bruh wtf. if you boot into linux through a USB, does the problem still happen?
  7. once OLED is burned in, you cannot "undo" that. its a permanent thing that happens in the nature of OLED. there are ways to reduce its effect but it is impossible to stop. thats why OLED monitors are rare. there are many static elements on a desktop like the taskbar, icons, static wallpapers etc, that burn in is significantly more prone compared to TVs. TVs have their content change pretty much all the time so its not much of a concern. The brighter the static element, the faster burn in will set in. RTINGS has a really good 1-year stress test with OLED TVs.
  8. its overpriced, but its not bad. Just a downclocked 2070super laptop variant to keep temps down for super thin laptops. shady marketing but not a bad product. if you really want to keep this conversation going, move this to something other than a monitor conversation
  9. @Vishera bruh that got debunked a while ago. Max-q is great
  10. The Ryzen XT processors are too expensive compared to the non-XT variant. they provide 1-2% more perf for 15% more money. Do not get the 3600XT
  11. if you are playing minecraft, no. the level of performance (for a mouse) minecraft requires for PvP is so much lower compared to a regular fps game that it really doesn't matter that much. but if you want a light one, go for it. I prefer something in the 85-110g range.
  12. for 1080p gaming even older GPUs will work perfectly fine. But for HTPCs, you want a really good CPU so something from AMDs 5th gen ryzen would be fantastic. I would recommend: AMD 5600X B550 mobo 16gb 3200mhz ram your choice of storage (minimum 250gb ssd) gtx 1070 (or better if budget allows) 500W 80+ PSU your choice of a case
  13. the answer depends on what you want to do with it and other specifications of both monitors. with the most minimal information that you have given, it's really hard to decide.
  14. what's going to come first? 

    Nevada Poll results vs Intel Rocket-Lake?

  15. don't build right now unless you absolutely need to. the new hardware coming up will give you more performance for the same money (or just save money if you keep the current config)