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  1. I tried that but not working
  2. I know this is non- tech related but any way I am gonna ask. How to clean this thing not sure what this is it's in car fog lamp, tire rim and chrome.
  3. This thing is in fog lamp and tyre rim not sure what this is and how to clean this
  4. Hi i want to build Website like PC Part picker is there any API where i can fetch all the pc parts?
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/7ye6p8/can_i_use_a_laptop_for_streaming_while_gaming_on/
  6. If you can go for 2600x or i5 8600k and go for 650watt psu 1080ti with 2600 i don't recommend it. If you want to to use 2600 go with 1080. And one more thing i don't think 2600 can push 144fps it might bottleneck ur gpu.
  7. just do this <tr> <td colspan=3 style="width: 50%"> sold by </td> <td colspan=3 style="width: 50%"> date </td> </tr>
  8. i had that problem too with blue yeti so i just disabled the internal mic.
  9. try to reinstall drivers i guess then.