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    The (still) United Kingdom
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    Science and Tech. Most sports. Engineering, Planes, Trains, Cars and anything else that either flies or goes fast. Games, Star Citizen, Battlefield and Total War. Shiny things. Good books, ASoIaF 1-3, LotR and Troy. Firefly.
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    In Star Citizen, my name is Daemon Blackfyre.
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    i7 4770K
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    Maximus VI Gene
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    8Gb Vengeance 1600MHz
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    GTX 760 DCU2
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    120GB EVO SSD & 2TB WD Black HDD
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    H100i and all the Noctua Fans
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    K70 (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Windows 8.1
  1. I think that's probably a plan B as it still requires human intervention and if possible I'd quite like to automate it. I was thinking of having the USB simply as the connection from the PC to give a signal when to pull the plug, but electrically isolated from the power line, otherwise, yes, that would end badly... I just suggested a mid-cable thing as a back-up as I'd need one for a UK-type 3-pronged socket. In my head the DIY version was an arduino connected to the PC, controlling a servo that operates a rocker switch (probably cannibalised from an old lamp which is designed for a h
  2. Does anyone know of a USB controlled power switch? Basically I have an externally powered subwoofer unit under the desk, which has an audible hum whenever it's powered on, and I really don't want to keep crawling under the desk to keep switching it on and off, so basically I want to find some way of switching off the power to it whenever I turn off my computer (or put it to sleep). Something that can interrupt between the socket and power cable would be ideal, but I'm not against splicing it into the middle of the power chord. For all of 5 seconds I had considered making something but
  3. Well I recently doubled my RAM to 16GB and got an extra 5-10fps in port Olisar, so it seems to have solved my performance issue for now.
  4. Everyone seems to agree with my suspicions, but reading the What HiFi reviews, they speak of different colours and the like... Here is an example of what i mean from the Sony UBPX700 review: "We've always lauded Sony for its natural-looking disc-players, but the X700 surpasses even that of the X800 in how it displays a wonderfully subtle picture that's impeccably judged while being hugely entertaining....etc. The X700 may be cheaper, but it's a newer model than the X800 - and ultimately that shows. It's the better value of the two. The X800's picture performance
  5. I'm setting up my first home cinema and was looking for a 4K (HDR) Blu-ray capable player, but only have about $150 left in the budget after screen and sound system. Does anyone know what's the best option. On a non-unrelated note... Many reviews criticize players for having a "poor picture", "unnatural colours" or "poor sound", so basically I just wanted to know how the player even effects those things...? But surely the player just spins up the disc, reads it, decodes the data, and sends that on through to the screen etc. (that actually decide what colours or sounds etc to produce based
  6. Yup, I was right, its not quite at 100% but mid 90's. I guess I'll wait to see how 3.1 turn out, and see if that improves the frame rate situation sufficiently on its own. It would also be interesting to see if the instability issues have will be fixed or if not if they are my install/hardware issues.
  7. From memory, it was mid-90's but not quite 100% But this was from like 2 months ago when it first came out, I haven't been able to play since as between the low fps and the horrendous fish-eye effect on ultra-wide screens, it kept making me feel sick, but I'm counting on the FOV issue being fixed in 3.1 in a couple of weeks.
  8. Does anyone have experience with how much the amount of system RAM effects the performance of Star citizen? My with my current system specs are i7 4770K @ 4.2 GHz, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, GTX 1070Ti, driving a 2560x1080 monitor. Playing arena commander or walking around the hanger, I was getting 60fps on max settings no problem. But in the PU it's in the low to mid 20's sometimes as high as 30 but can dip to 15. Has anyone tried different amounts of RAM in the same system and compared the effect, as I have no idea if the performance is the game's fault or my system running out of memory.
  9. If only this thing was ultra-wide, it would be perfect... (Okay, perfect if it also had G-sync... but of course Nvidia is too busy jerking-off into a gigantic pile of cash to let mere mortals like us have access to variable refresh rate tech without selling a kidney!)
  10. I want to show off Star Citizen to some more of my friends and was looking for a short(ish) video that sums it up the best and shows the best it currently has to offer as well as the scope of the game for the future. Does anyone have any suggestions about which is currently the best video as an advertisement for the game?
  11. My desktop has started "locking up" by which I mean, everything freezes except the mouse pointer (although I am unable to click on anything or even bring up the task manager). This seems to happen when trying to close programs/windows, and the only way to get rid of it is to restart the computer. I am running the latest version of windows 10, just updated with the big security patch. Can anyone suggest what might be going on/causing this, or even how to go about troubleshooting it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. Why are they (Nvidia) paying so much attention to mobile graphics chips? Its not even like the market is substantially bigger... Yes, more people buy notebooks, but how many of them even have a GTX 970M inside? Those things run off battery, so stop faffing and give us more POWER on the desktop where the extra power draw doesn't matter.