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  1. so the thing is i dont have any observable problem per say that i can test to see if its causing problems just you know every now and again premerie or a game crashes for no obvious reason. things like that. so im not even sure if have both kits of ram is causing an issue. ive looked up running two different memory kits and all the answers i have seen for questions like that is from someone looking to buy them and they just get told no.well i already made the fantastic choice to do that so those kinda answers dont exactly help me
  2. thank you weirdly enough ive been watching LTT for like a solid 10 years or more maybe? just get alot of anxiety from being on things like this haha
  3. alright so, i have been building computers and fixing them up for a long time. while when it comes to the people i help out and build computers for i am very much a by the book kinda guy. but when it comes to my own pc i tend to get a little dumb and make alot of mistakes. the one im bringing up now is that i have a set of gskill trident z ddr4 3200 16 kit. a while back i wanted get more memory and happened to have a rare amount of extra cash for me. and being the goober i am i went to best buy to pick up another set of that ram given that i knew they had it. unfortunately for me