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    PrincePickle reacted to dtaflorida in Razer Blackwidow Key switch replacement   
    Massdrop just happens to be doing a Gateron drop now. 
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    PrincePickle reacted to Minsekt in Corsair HG N980 Cooling Bracket Installation for GTX 980 Thoughts   
    it took corsair so long to get it on the market(again) because they had it already on the market in 2015 but they had to recall all products because it did bend the card.

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    PrincePickle reacted to Whorax in Razer Diamondback Rant   
    Hell yeah Naga 2012 club! B)
    Best mouse ever I swear.
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    PrincePickle reacted to Scionyde in Razer Diamondback Rant   
    Razer Headphones are kinda trash, keyboards are okay, but their mice are pretty damn good. Razer Naga 2012 still going strong here (and I'm pretty sure it's using a higher quality plastic/better coating than my Logitech G600, because it never got as shiny).