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  1. So, i'm trying to transfer a domain into get.tech. The domain i'm trying to transfer in is a .com domain. Get.tech's documentation states that there should a "Transfer Domain" button under the Manage Orders section. This button does not exist! Link to their documentation: https://controlpanel.tech/kb/node/54 Screenshot: This is a pretty big problem as it means you can't transfer a DOMAIN IN OR OUT OF GET.TECH!!!! Has anyone seen this before?
  2. I'm looking to buy a new 4K monitor that is 27 inches. My primary usage will be video consumption and some slight gaming. So naturally the focus is on color accuracy (HDR support) and how well the display looks instead of response time. That being said if it is possible to get a monitor that supports higher than 60hz I'd be really happy. I don't know a ton about monitors and which ones are the most color accurate. If anyone could recommend some that are between $400 - $600 price range that would be great. If this price range isn't realistic for what I want suggestions outside are c
  3. https://amplifi.com Look into this guy it's really easy to setup and works will. A lot of people will say that mesh network routers aren't good but I've personally deployed this one before and it works very well. There are two versions a black one that is "Nvidia certified" which basically means it has QOS or quality of service for games and twitch. The white one is basically the same thing but without the same QOS for games and twitch. You also don't have to buy range extenders if you don't need them.
  4. Teamviewer is safe it will not infect your files. That being said you may want to just use a flash drive if possible it will be easier than going over the network unless the windows pc is physically far away. If you have any more questions just ask.
  5. Are you sure? Because while looking up information I’ve gotten conflicting views on that.
  6. I have xfinity fiber coming into my home and we have their provided modem router combo box. The fiber line plugs right into the back of the modem. Do I have to use their modem or could I just get a fiber to ethernet converter?
  7. Thanks i'm going to try a few things and get back to you. Thanks for your help!
  8. All the rules I have are in the picture for the guest network. At the bottom of the list I have a allow all to all rule so pass all essentially.
  9. I don't understand. If your saying I should change the destination to and port 443 i've tried this and it doesn't work correctly. It still blocks access to the internet.
  10. how would you redifine this rule to only block the webui on port 443
  11. I have my pfsense box configure for a guest vlan on ID 50. This works fine. I get a dhcp lease on and not which is normal LAN. My problem is that i'm trying to block access to the webUI from my guest network ( I have setup the following rules: The blue squiggle is the rule that locks me out of the internet. Also the destination is an alias for ( and Again the problem is that the top rule locks me out of the internet completely no google.com.
  12. You could just build a shuttle pc. Basically a normal pc case that is mini itx motherboard compatible. They are very small and would probably take up the same amount of space. If you have some DDR3 laying around you can probably put the machine together for around 300 dollars. Then all you need is drives so another 300 or so there.
  13. FreeNAS is good especially if you plan to never need any more storage than you originally buy. If you need expand ability for storage you should use unRAID. If I were you I would use unRAID damn thing just works is much simpler than freeNAS and has just as good forum support. UnRAID isn’t free though they have different license levels and it is a one time fee. You own a license forever once you buy it. UnRAID boots off of USB so you can use your ssd as a write cache. For hardware you should probably get an older Xeon CPU and supermicro motherboard that has enough SATA ports for the
  14. You need to get one of the storinators and use windows server. You can have windows handle the raid and for render offloading windows will probably be the most capable os for what you want to do. I don’t have much experience with render offloading but if any os would support it, it would be windows server especially for adobe products like premiere. 45 drives man this what you need. They also have amazing support they will help you if you need it.