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  1. Check https://www.pugetsystems.com/desktop.php they test and publish the results of different builds for different task with explanation. They can even build a computer per your specification.
  2. The differences I`m aware of: -different position of webcam(under/above) the screen -a little bit better cooling in 5i but the undervolting is now disabled on BIOS level -no buttons on a trackpad -the same version of RTX 2060 -slightly better CPU(3% according to CPU benchmarks) -the y540 has a HF CPU so no integrated GPU ergo abhorrent battery life(but I`m not gonna be very mobile so no issue here) -slightly better RAM clocks (2666 vs 3200) None of the above points are noticeable in my view, were you thinking about about something else?
  3. Hi, consider Thinkpads E15 or E590, I bought 2 of them 2 years ago for my workplace and they work flawlessly, the new ones have Ryzen 4000 processors, if you can go for them.
  4. I`m currently thinking of buying a gaming laptop(and I can`t wait for Ryzen, my previous one died) and I had narrowed my choice to Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH i7-9750HF/15,6FHD144Hz/16GB/1000SSD/RTX2060(the cost is 1430 USD and that includes sales tax/VAT in Poland 23% so it would be something like 1165USD compared to US prices) but for around 100 USD more I`m able to buy Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H 81Y600C0PB i7-10750H/15,6FHD/144Hz/8GB/512SSD/RTX2060/NoOS. Apart from CPU difference 9750HF(I know this one doesn`t have integrated graphics) vs 10750H is there any reason to move up? I heard cooling is