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  1. Ok, I see, thanks! Would you recommend a 650 or a 750w for this build? I've read that 650 is enough. Also, should I go for the Asus you listed or is the TUF Gaming worth the price difference?
  2. In which way is the PSU better than the Seasonic one? I've read that the older Focus models had problems, but the new Focus GX are pretty good. And have a 10 year warranty too. Also, in which way are the Asus mobos better? I saw a lot of people recommending the Aorus Elite, it's why I picked it, but was unsure if there was a better/cheaper option that was valid. Thanks for the answer!
  3. 1. Budget & Location Around 1700€. Portugal 2. Aim I am a begginer web developer, and am trying to improve so I can keep my job after the contract ends. I also like video, and would like to be able to learn more. Also a gamer. Mostly Football Manager lately, because my 6 year old laptop needs retirement after taking a beating everyday because of college work. 3. Monitors Right now I have a 1080p 60fps monitor, but I will be buying either a 1440p or a ultra-wide to keep it company. 4. Peripherals No peripherals needed right n
  4. Good evening! I have a 5 year old Asus K550J, and it has some problems already, like both SHIFT keys not working. Lately, I have also been having trouble connecting to the internet using an Ethernet cable, as it starts to disconnect after a bit, but I thought it was because of my router (which it also might be). But yesterday I couldn't use the internet even over WiFi. It randomly disconnected. During the all afternoon, it would disconnect very often (sometimes it took seconds between each time). At first I thought it was the router and restarted it, bu
  5. I'm assuming he changed the paste, because by removing all dust and dirt (he took a pic and showed me, it was a lot) the temps would get lower, not go up. I didn't do it at home because of Asus stupid design which would force me to take the whole laptop apart so I could get to the heatsink and CPU. I guess I should've lost an afternoon doing it carefully...
  6. So, I have a (almost) 4 year old Asus laptop, with a i7 4710HQ and a GTX850m. Last month, I sent it to a computer store to clean dust (so much dust) and to put new paste, as I never did any of these things since I bought it (I know, I know, I just kept postponing it 'till last month). It was running (obviously) hot before I sent it, but guess what? Now it is worse, and I can't put a bit of stress on the CPU without it overheating and shutting down. It does 87ºC playing fucking PES6. I thought the guy had properly tested it, but I guess he didn't.
  7. I think he said that more in line of "we don't have better graphics because we focused more on new mechanics" instead of "we downgraded the shit out of the game" At least I hope that is it
  8. Well...can't say I am sad. After months of calling games sexist and racist and bla bla bla, devs are maybe starting to get tired of them. Maybe Polygon and those other ones like it are next to be left out of the party by devs. Doesn't matter how much you hate Ubisoft, this is what needs to be done. You spew bullshit and lie, you won't get invited to the cool guys party. And a classic Kotaku image for fun
  9. This. We can't allow anybody to screw us over. Period. Valve had a pass and they tried funny stuff with paid mods. The community tore them a new one and they went back on that one for now. We shat on Ubisoft for their continuous crap and false advertisement. Same with EA and Activision and everyone before them. Now "oh its CDPR, they are the good guys, they get a pass". No. They do not deserve the pass. I don't give a flying f*ck about the downgrade. But I do care about deceiving the consumers and the fanbase. They are a company that wants money. They lied to have it. They deserve the
  10. Vessel: rcoelho14 https://www.vessel.com/videos/NWZAuXtBL https://www.vessel.com/videos/LPECtSnEh https://twitter.com/rcoelho14/status/580365726365671424
  11. When I was little (till 8-9) my hair was blonde too (not yellow blond, but still blonde). Now it is a light brown that can appear blond-ish in the sun
  12. Is that even possible? Anyways, if it was, why not? You had naturally blue eyes and nature cheated you and you decided to punch nature in the face. That is fucking badass B)
  13. In a few years there's going to be posts like "I have natural blue eyes, screw those dirty fakes! Who's with me?" We are the 8%
  14. This. It seems like Mantle was only created to force the industry to evolve. Now we will have DX12 and Vulkan doing basically the same thing as Mantle, but they will be more mainstream than Mantle. I am excited to see what the future brings in terms of performance with these two