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  1. TheRoss0411 Fair enough I will check that when I am in there removing one 670. The Great Sayain Man I am only about 20 degrees Celsius ambient temperatures.
  2. TheSLSAMG I have tried re installing the drivers but the problem still persists. TheRoss0411 I am running at 45 degrees Celsius at idle and 69 degrees Celsius under load. Joe3417 I will try that and see what the results are. FatalWaffles I have made sure that I am running the latest drivers.
  3. Hey there this is my first computer build. Because of this, these issues are new to me. The issue I am having is during gameplay mostly steam downloaded games aka(Amar 3,2 ect.,Battlefield) I have been encountering a problem were during the start up of a game I am running at Ultra settings at 1080p res. I am running at 60fps. My computer runs good for about 5mins. in then suddenly the frame rate will drop off to around 15fps and then blue screen about 10-20min. later. My computer tells me its a hardware/driver issue I just don't know where this could be because I bought fairly top quality comp