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    AMD Ryzen 3600x
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    Asus Crosshair VII Hero X470
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    Teamgroup 4066 Mhz CL 16 @ 1.43v
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    AsRock Vega 56
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    2x PNY XLR8 120gb, 1 TB WD Green, & 2 TB WD Green
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    Seasonic Platinum 1050W
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    Alienware AW2518H, Dell P2715Q, Dell UP2414Q
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    Varmilo VA87M /w Cherry MX Tactile Grey & Varmilo VA87MD /w Cherry MX Linear Grey
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    Logitech Wireless gPro
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    Schiit Bifrost -> Schiit Asgard 2 -> Hifiman Sundara / Audeze EL-8 Open / Fostex TH600 / Beyerdynamic DT770
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    Void Linux

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  1. I wonder if the mobo is just setting some really bad timings. Have a look at ryzen dram calc and set all your timings to a safe present. Not a huge fan of asrock myself.
  2. @Dayglorange with overclocking memory on ryzen systems I have found that plain old memtest doesn't really catch memory errors at all. The one from hci generally catches them and also prime95 can be pick them up quickly sometimes. I'd try the one from hci first, https://hcidesign.com/memtest/. Personally I haven't had the best luck with hynix memory on ryzen in general. Guessing that is what your kit is. That was with the 2000 series though, I haven't had the opportunity to play with it on 3000 series yet. Also I have had a ryzen 3600 die on me too. Different problems though probabl
  3. That doesn't look a bad case. I guess I didn't think about the psu shroud hiding that kinda of thing. I wait to see if any others have an recommendations. I am not in a big hurry.
  4. If it had rgb I'd turn it off probably. Something modernish probably.
  5. I haven't followed cases too closely over the years and not sure what case to get. I have no care over having a window or lighting. I do like the idea of having a white case, but not a deal breaker. My constraints: - Must at least fit 2 hdds and 4 ssds - Fits an atx motherboard - Room for at least a 120mm and 240mm radiator - Fit 250mm length gpu's - Be under $100 - On an online store that accepts paypal
  6. Damn doesn't work anymore...
  7. Isn't the seller reaching out to the buyer in this manner against their tos?
  8. I haven't had a need to to use buyer/seller protections yet, but I believe paypal invoices will get you the same level of protection that ebay provides. Typically places likes this and other forums use paypal invoices for the most part.
  9. Are you able to plug both into the card? I don't have very good experience with using motherboard inputs. I assume you have no interest for on board graphics. So you could probably blacklist that. I am not sure how that'll make the motherboard output respond however. To blacklist create /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf blacklist radeon Once that file is created you'll need to run the following commands to update things: sudo depmod -ae sudo update-initramfs -u I haven't been a Debian guy for a while so no clue how you do somethings over there, but I got those commands from
  10. Xorg doesn't get along with multiple devices super well. I am guessing that the monitor that isn't working is plugged into a separate device. Are both monitors plugged into the graphics card or do you have one on the motherboard? Assuming both monitors are plugged into the graphics card... Can you provide the out put of lspci -k, and tell me what each vga device uses for kernel drivers/modules. I may be possible to blacklist the on board graphics driver from loading in the first place. Worse case you are going to have to specify the device in your xorg configs. So for example in yo
  11. Kind of play on cars the title is, but my fostex th 600s are broke. They have been subject to my daily abuse for a couple years. Wondering if it would be better to repair them or move on and find a new pair. I dropped them as I do very frequently and the bracket holding the cup to the headband broke. The earpads are pretty bad and the cable is twisted and cuts in and out at the connector. Do I spend the money on new ear pads, cable, and cup bracket; or am I better off just buying another pair. Falling back to my Audeze EL-8's so I am in no rush.
  12. At 390 characters every 5 minutes, 4.6 KB/h, 109 KB/d, 2.2 MB/m, 26.4MB/y I think something else filled your logs or it has really slowed because this is only 390 characters: Sep 13 18:49:47 Mothership kernel: [267669.842258] sd 9:0:0:0: [sdd] tag#0 Sense Key : Hardware Error [current] [descriptor] Sep 13 18:49:47 Mothership kernel: [267669.842261] sd 9:0:0:0: [sdd] tag#0 Add. Sense: No additional sense information Sep 13 18:49:47 Mothership kernel: [267669.842265] sd 9:0:0:0: [sdd] tag#0 CDB: ATA command pass through(12)/Blank a1 06 20 da 00 00 4f c2 00 b0 00 00
  13. 60GB is a bit excessive... You could look into a log rotator to keep the log slimmed down and just have it delete the old parts, so you would only have the newest 100mb or something. The windows thing, just look at the hdd activity light of a windows machine vs a linux machine that'll tell you enough...
  14. Wouldn't be too worried about the writes on the ssd. Compared to what Windows does it is nothing. Linux will follow links just fine or better yet adding a line in /etc/fstab would probably be the better option. If you really wanted to you could stop the logging daemon if you really don't care for logs. Now it would be nice to have if your system decides to start do funny things. sudo systemctl stop rsyslog.service sudo systemctl disable rsyslog.service
  15. No longer effects Linux in a sense that it is not the cause of it. Udisk seems to be the culprit. At least that is how I interpret what is said. The issue seems to have got reported to udisks instead here: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=98991. It is already reported so there isn't too much you can do. Don't worry about it too much. It is just some kernel spam as far as you care but it will mask real errors with its spam. Reading the bug report for udisks some more it does appear to be an issue with one of Ubuntu's kernel patches so switching kernels to a more modern one or a non-