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    Agent Crimson reacted to WereCatf in Need help with improving network config and remove Nested routers   
    Add a firewall-rule to disable traffic from Cam VLAN to Home VLAN.
    That obviously depends on the ISP-box. You need to configure it as a bridge, not router.
    You'd port-forward from the ISP-box to the other router and then from the other router to the server.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to homeap5 in Need help with improving network config and remove Nested routers   
    I explained it in second part of my post (edited a little later). First part is still valid for rest of your routers (if you have more).
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    Agent Crimson reacted to WereCatf in NFC on Phones and WiFi   
    No, unless you create a program that listens to network-connections and reacts to incoming strings and install it on the phone.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Radium_Angel in Pc turns on by itself and then turns off   
    Well, if there is physical damage (blown caps) then a visual inspection can be done, but a bad component will be harder, if not impossible, to see.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to minibois in HELP! Backup PSU   
    That is not a great PSU, which I would not recommend using with high-power components such as the GTX 1080 and i7 8700.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Spotty in Haven't received the key.   
    A passkey?
    You request a passkey from the folding at home website.
    If you filled out the Google Form in the LTT event thread that is to enter the event...
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    Agent Crimson reacted to NewMaxx in What is This SSD ??   
    Yes, Angelbird SSD2GO PKT (pocket, aka portable) MK2 (newer edition). Looks to be a mSATA drive internally based on the speed, 10 Gbps bridge chip so something like the ASMedia ASM235CM.
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from TheNaitsyrk in Good time to sell 2080 Ti SLI (Rumors of new GPU)   
    I would wait for a bit before selling because due to the medical conditions.... Prices might go up... In some parts of the world prices are already ramping up. So I would say wait till GDC maybe another 15 days more after that and then sell because resale value of card will be more due to price hikes. 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from Oswin in Help me i need a laptop recommendation   
    Because I too live in India(I am a student, travel from Canada to India every year) and I have used both the laptops when I was planning to get one for myself. But I jumped the gun and went and got a MacBook 16inch because I already have a very capable windows system. 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from CPT-b0b in PC crashing/blue-/blackscreening   
    Did it work? The other guy was facing the opposite problem where in he plugged his headset it did a Bsod his was fixed with a fresh install of windows... 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from CPT-b0b in PC crashing/blue-/blackscreening   
    Most cracks create some kind of a problem. I still suggest downloading a fresh copy and using the key method.90% of the times it won't cause the watermark. And by doing so you will be sure that your hardware is good and if the watermark do appears you will just have to try another key from the net or buy a 10$ one from kinguin or anyother site of your choice. 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from AngryPandaPC in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    1) Make a Custom Laptop or an AIO i think there are a few laptop and AIO chassis which allow users to add off the shelf Mini ITX and Mini STX components
    2) Rate After Sales Customer Service of Different Brands in all categories of electronics like you did when you were comparing the different system integrators that series was a huge success. Given that you already have so much hardware such support calls wont be hard either. The most looked for Brands would be Razer vs Asus vs Dell vs Hp vs Acer vs Lenovo(Thinkpad) vs some newer brands like Eluktronics. A motherboard service call roundup would also be highly looked forward to. As well as the series star Jannet.
    3) Does RTX help in machine learning applications and training AIs giving it an edge over the 10 series cards. To test the results implied by Nvidia in the video linked below i quote "your neural net is trained mine is taking forever" this was followed with an object detection demo in the background (Time Stamp 0:32 - 0:37). 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from Windows7ge in Network Choked   
    Thanks a lot anyway I will try doing vLans and hope to god it helps. 
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from TorrentYE in PC turns on for one second, then turns off.   
    The exact same thing happened with my pc. The two things to check for is ram issue or psu issue take out one stick of ram and try if still doesn't work use the other stick if ram checks out it is your psu and I recommend not trying to start is again if it turns out of be a psu issue. In my case due to my psu I had to go through 2 motherboards and 3 processors before the psu actually died fully... I suggest rmaing your psu and stating it as a restating issue. 
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    Agent Crimson reacted to SrSuri in Hikvision NVR vs Third-party or Self Build NVR   
    get an NVR, Those are cheaper than building a custom PC, for a time consuming ( your time making one) and installation point of  view (its not a PC and can be put on litle box on the garage), Also  your client (friend) only need something to work, and this are almost baremetal, you just need to put the disk you want ( 4,6 8 TB) turn on and they are ready to go.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Eigenvektor in Is it worth it to use an SFP(Not SFP+) Over cat 6   
    If you don't need the distance (fiber), the only other advantage I can think of would be not using a regular port. If you're not running out of ports, it shouldn't matter.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to iDagurr in Brand new PC crashing. Please help.   
    well gonna restore the pc here and redownload everything...again. If it pops up again ill jump back in here appreciate the help ❤️
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Donut417 in Why do I need Plex or Kodi   
    Netflix does a bit of compression on the 4K streams. I mean you only need 25Mbps for 4K, HOWEVER reading over at the Plex forums and it has been stated that streaming 4K off a Plex server you can see network usage over 100 Mbps. Because Blurays offer the best quality you can do. So if you do a high quality rip from a 4K disk, your pretty much going to have better qualtiy than streaming from Netflix. 
    There is also the other issue. Data caps, streaming 4K uses a lot of data. You know what wont use your data? Streaming from a Plex server on your network. Well it does use a bit of data, for TV guide info if you use the DVR part and to get info about movies, but your talking a miniscule amount of data. 
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    Agent Crimson reacted to mamamia88 in Why do I need Plex or Kodi   
    RARBG has an option to sort by 4k and above. Not sure I'm allowed to say that. 
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Donut417 in Why do I need Plex or Kodi   
    Plex has a lot of features:
    1) its can do on the fly transcoding if your server has enough power 
    2) You can use it as a DVR 
            For example: Using an HDHR to capture OTA TV signal and Plex can record TV
    3) It works on mutiple devices. Windows, Linux, MacOS, Phones, Tablets, Firesticks, Roku's, ect. 
    4) I doesnt only do video, you can also share music, it also allows you to upload pictures from mobile devices and such. 
    5) Its a DIY solution. Plex servers can be about anything. Raspberry pi's, Intel NUC's, Old Gaming PC's, you can use off the shelf NAS, or if you run a Free NAS system there is an option to install Plex. A plex setup is very customisable and you build it to suit your needs. 
    My family uses plex because running and wiring up a Outdoor OTA antenna is not really in the cards. I get great reception in my bedroom and I can use the HDHR to capture up to 4 streams at a time. With Plex, my mom, dad and me can set up our own recordings. Eventually Id like to digitize more of my DVD's and maybe Blurays if I ever get a Bluray disk drive. 
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Bombastinator in Canbium Networks Access Points   
    And I think it may have been a mispost to start with.  I don’t see how my question would have been remotely relevant in this case.
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    Agent Crimson got a reaction from Ben17 in New Laptop Need help deciding   
    I am a Freshman studying computer science and AI minors. I plan to take AI as my subject for Post Grad.... I need a very nice laptop. I have no budget limitation. But the first thing I am stuck on is Apple or Windows I have been using windows for a long time and i have a pretty nice desktop too. If I go for Windows what would be your suggestion for a laptop with i7, Rtx 2060, 1 Tb SSD, high refresh rate screen and premium build quality, post sales service is also a consideration. And or if i should skip Windows for a laptop and get on the Apple Train?
    My Considerations for Laptops:- 
    Razer Blade 15 (It has pathetic service, only 512GB SSD and the base model does not come with the best display but has amazing everything else):-    2100$ (With Razer Care)
    Dell Alienware M15 (It has pathetic cooling but everything else is unmatched) :-   1950$ (240HZ & No extras)
    MSI GS65 (Worst Build Quality out of the bunch single channel memory with no user upgradability):-   2300$ (240HZ & No extras)        
    Asus Zepherus S GX502 (It performs best in all categories but the looks are a little unprofessional and people have mixed opinions on its service and only 512GB):-  1850$ (240HZ & No extras)
    Apple MacBook Pro 16" (Well it is Apple, it has the best battery hands down and the only down side to a mac is inability to game also dongles for days) :-    2600/2800$(Depending on GFX)
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    Agent Crimson reacted to muito_gostoso in New Laptop Need help deciding   
    ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 144Hz IPS Type FHD, GeForce RTX 2070, Intel Core i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Aura Sync RGB, Windows 10 64-bit, GX531GW-AS76
    for 1500 is a no brainer.
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Dxrk in New Laptop Need help deciding   
    Not going to lie, I would actually go for the maingear laptop linus reviewed earlier today. The maingear laptop looked pretty solid, with an up to date i7 and a 1660ti (for the lower end if cost is an issue) or a 2070 (forget if max q or not). It looks pretty professional with a high refresh rate display, even better, it isnt a tn panel either. Just a thought. 
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    Agent Crimson reacted to Abyssal Radon in Need a High End Laptop   
    I own an Alienware laptop and I have nothing but good things to say about it.