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  1. Looks like Samsung 49" with Easy Setting Box is my answer. You guys and/or gals are quick. Thanks!
  2. The ultra wide isn't as great [to me] as people make it out to be. I bought the LG ultra wide monitor and gave it to my father a day later. Although the color on the screen was great, the issue was the refresh rate didn't meet my standards and maximizing games/windows didn't automatically fill half the screen. I will look into Samsung's Ultra Wide because it looks like is has settings to do what I want.
  3. I'm kind of curious why they haven't come up with a seamless dual monitor yet.
  4. Do the Watch!


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    2. FlpDaMattress


      i can watch this for hours. it'll never get old.


    3. Jaedyn Chilton

      Jaedyn Chilton

      I would watch for hours if it wasn't censored because then I could see their expressions.

    4. Nuggets


      I thought the censoring made it just as funny but as requested here is an uncensored version. I had to remake it because I lost the original The WAN Show Editing (uncensored).gifproject. :D 

  5. Dang it! Coolslammer beat me to it, but here's my version. lol!