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  1. Im trying Dota for the first time. what am i getting myself into ._.

  2. 1. Skiing 2. Snowboarding 3. Knee Boarding 4. Wake boarding 5. Water Skiing Basically anything that i can strap to my feet XD
  3. I made this a little while ago for my username
  4. i think he means a separate pc exclusively for streaming.
  5. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1tdSj For a little bit more you could grab a fx-6300 and you should be fine for streaming
  6. pretty much this. Even with an i7 my streams will take up to 40-60% of my cpu usage.
  7. It depends, when my system is idling what I hear most is the fans from my h100i when the fan curve pushes them above 1000rpm. If im playing games it would be jet engines on my graphics card XD
  8. i have an 80mbps fios connection and YouTube will only load 50% of the time. I'm pretty sure Verizon is using a slow cashing server for YouTube and other streaming sites. idk what isp you have but they might be doing the same.
  9. I like something that looks clean primarily, but also looks distinctive. For example, i have a C70 case and having an all black components (save the gpu) looks very clean on the inside to me, but the military themed exterior of the case gives my built enough distinctiveness to still be interesting to look at, instead of just being a boring black box XD.
  10. Other than computer building and such things, I feel i'm fairly good at a lot of content creation, Video editing, digital drawing, graphic design sort of things. I also have been skiing for 13 years and snowboarding for 8 and feel i'm pretty good at those i guess XD
  11. I downloaded over 100GB of games during the summer sale only because of this http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2855663773
  12. I average about 9 MB/s, and peaked at 10-11 MB/s the past few days.
  13. basically as the title says, nearly every game i play is crashing after 30 minutes of play with that above error. im currently on the latest driver, ive re-installed it many times and ive downgraded through all the drivers down to 314.22. This is the information the error is giving me A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent OS Version: 6.2.9200. Locale ID: 1033 Extra information about the problem BCCode: 141 BCP1: FFFFFA801257A4D0 BCP2: FFFFF880051C3E30 BCP3: 0000000000000000 BCP4:
  14. All of my childhood fears were realized in that show XD *on topic* i kinda live in the center of the gay rights universe for the US, and considering the fact i am bisexual and go to a high-school with a homosexual principal it would be kinda hypocritical for me to be anything but fully supportive of it lmao