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  1. i think my mom thought i was going crazy how hard i lold on that one.
  2. well for that price you get qualaty, and if i tell you that i used it 5+ years you wouldnt beleve me, the laser is invisible it isnt visible( infra red i think), it has a pinky button too...
  3. Did you try looking at the g3 from logitech? it is an old mouse but it serves me for ages now and it's gona serve for ages on.
  4. and now im confused on ddr3 and ddr5 :blink:
  5. i wasnt shure my self when i searched over images (Radeon X1550)
  6. haha dont ask me that, im like the only guy here whit a pc that you can find a dinosaur in it if you want to know around 40 euros i dont know how much dollars or pounds that is...
  7. so since my graphics card died like ages ago im searching for a new one. but since it did die i was looking ways to fix it and than i come upon this card (topic name), the seller says that there are "artefacts" showing on the screen, so im interested is there any way to fix this or? (baking it maybe? haha)
  8. I cant register on that amazon site, For some odd reason my addres isnt valid haha. any ideas guys?
  9. my name ehh... Well i have like for douh 6-7 years now, idk how i got it just and imagionation i got as a kid randomly poped up in my head and i think it's the most uniqe name, never saw any one else use it except me, well there are some similartys that i saw, Paulus etc...
  10. EDIT: than changed to something that i like more, long live kamelot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkNLjAZ5OpQ idk why im listening to this lol just to kill the silence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMjRKY72DxE&list=PL5lKDqL_XyNySE2qSxA2MS3_QWXmu7ogb
  11. Well the only benefit you will get whit an 780 is that you use multyple monitors, but fps will stay the same (more or less) so yeah... idk what to tell you except that.
  12. yeah i get you, and you just named one of the problems i sad in my starting post i have been thinking abaut this the last 2 days, and those where my conclusions. But it's a shame that theere isnt that much freelancing going on in the world. well, im a police officer and only thing we used ubutu was to see how it works and how it is easyer to hack systems whit ubutu (brute force i think) than let's say whit windows.
  13. you got into my line of thinking a bit. OK i sad if im wrong do correct me, but what i wanted to say is, why is there only let's say windows 7 users, ubutu users, andrioid users etc, you know what im saying now? why arent there more of people let's say freelancing? awnser above this one. Why not? why people would only use let's say windows 7 or any other when they "could" make there own that would lets say maybe be better than any other? Here i can see that it's all based on debian, all others are upgrades like windows 95 to windows 7
  14. I dont know why but i have been thinking about this for like 2 days now and in the known uneverse theres a operating sistem from microsoft, from linux (correct me if im wrong here) and the last one that's coming is steam OS, if there are any others please note them. So my idea is, well not so much of an idea more of a thinking thing, why are there only those 2-3 OSes? why arent there more of them. Than i came to some conclusions: a) it's F'ing hard to program that b ) eaven if it is programed you wount be compatible whit other programs
  15. NEVER . in a year or eaven less they will anyways relese more powerful hardwere than it will be than when that is relesed. just hold your horses for your pockers safe.