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    Lord Of The Rigs

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    Rings. And elaborate, painful ways to kill hobbits.
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    Read The Silmarillion (why haven't you read it yet????)
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    Lord of Barad-dûr, Gorvernor of Mordor until Morgoth returns


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    Intel Core i7 2600 @ 4.2GHz
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    Asus P8P67-M
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    4x4gb DDR3 1600Mhz slim Kingston ram
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    Sapphire R9 Fury
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    Corsair Obsidian 800D
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GiB for OS + WD black 1tb 7200rpm + random seagate 1tb 7200rpm
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    EVGA Supernova G2 850 Watt
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    Asus PB287Q + Philips 23IE + LaCie 324 (frankenstein surround)
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    Corsair H100
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    CMstorm quickfire XT - MX brown switches
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    Logitech G400s
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    Asus ROG Orion headset + cheap trust stereo speakers (hey, they work fine!)
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    Arch Linux, MSX Pro

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  1. There used to be a lot more variety but Microsoft pretty much forced all major commercial competitors out of the market. Apple survived because it didn't really directly compete with Microsoft at the time and Linux (and to a lesser extent *bsd) kind of stuck around thanks to a combination of community effort and server space presence. Making something new from scratch with comparable features to any of these major desktop operating systems would be effectively impossible now due to just how much work would be required - only some huge corporation like Google might have the resources to pull it
  2. Oh no that one's real, after all if Bruce Willis didn't stop that asteroid how come we're still alive?
  3. That entirely depends on which direction it would be coming from.
  4. That's not always the case. Still, I have never seen the absolute cheapest thing also be the best.
  5. It's far from an exact science right now, typically successful models are developed by researchers over years of work where they try different techniques to improve their results.
  6. Wait - this is that thing you need to pay to even use your internet connection on an xbox? Starting to sound like a really bad deal to get a console...
  7. An AI is only as good as the humans training it, and as you said yourself...
  8. https://raspberry-projects.com/pi/pi-operating-systems/raspbian/gui/desktop-shortcuts
  9. maybe..? but I really don't see why, it's not illegal in any capacity and it doesn't hurt youtube's revenue...
  10. Kinda weird that these channels would be struck down for "hacking" when there are plenty of channels that show the command line and are doing just fine including some that straight up teach actual hacking for educational purposes like LiveOverflow.
  11. optic fiber is used to ensure that the signal isn't lost over long distances but with short distances copper cabling is fine, it could just be that the fiber arrives to a cabinet outside your house and the last few meters are copper.
  12. Define "universe". You can't simulate the entirety of our universe within itself simply because as far as we know it is infinite; however you can hypothetically simulate a limited one. As for how much data you would need to store per atom... you wouldn't actually need to copy the same data for each individual one, I hope you realize. All you'd need to know is its position, speed and type which you could compare with a list of atom types in order to get specifics. A bigger problem would be the uncertainty principle but because it is a simulation you would not need everything to be a
  13. Micropython is micropython so most programs should "just work", C will certainly require at least recompiling. Other than that the GPIO layout is not exactly the same as an arduino nano so depending on which you want to use you'll have to adapt your code accordingly.
  14. if that's your main concern you can backup the contents of your $HOME and reinstall, then copy the files back.