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  1. It objectively does not make individual frames look better. I'd lower the settings to get 1440p 45-60 if possible. Going over 60 has benefits but personally I just don't care, 60 is smooth enough for my taste.
  2. I mean... if you were going to kill a person if not for GTA then maybe you need a psychiatrist?
  3. Interesting... I wonder why df just reports the same exact storage stats in the "root" filesystem and the C drive mountpoint. Maybe WSL isn't to be trusted with drive info... at least relating to its own root.
  4. Most of the work is going to happen on files you have on your windows partition if you use WSL, I'm not even sure if it has its own ext4 virtual partition or if it's just emulated. -edit- in fact I just checked and it seems to just share the C partition
  5. It depends on what the differences between the two systems are. It's possible (even likely) that it will "just work" if you keep the drive as is but you may be carrying over some junk you don't need like old drivers (or drivers for the wrong thing).
  6. Javascript is an interpreted language so compile times don't really play a role... perhaps your brother meant something else? It's an odd general claim to make because, even with compiled languages, the speed varies greatly and may or may not be better than on Windows for a variety of reasons. For a lot of languages there are also more than one compilers that may or may not be faster than each other at some things and not others. For instance GCC on Linux is often much faster than VC++ (here are some possible reasons for that) but they're drastically different compilers and it's ve
  7. That difference is well within the margin of error.
  8. From single to dual channel. If you add any more than those you don't get a performance benefit. Two dimms are enough to use dual channel. If you insist having 4 makes a difference I'd love to see any benchmark proving it.
  9. That's not the runtime. This is the runtime https://www.java.com/en/download/ Here's an explanation of the difference https://stackoverflow.com/a/1906455
  10. Go for 2x16 instead, no point in limiting expansion capabilities... as long as you're using them in dual channel there's no performance gain between 2 and 4 dimms. All DIMMs can work in dual channel (or triple or quad if your system supports it, though yours doesn't), it's a feature of the CPU. 3600MHz CL16 is a good starting point, higher frequencies and lower timings are obviously better. By the way if you haven't bought your motherboard yet I urge you to reconsider, it's incredibly expensive and if you're not going for some insane LN2 overclocks it's just a w
  11. Diagnostics tools have shown significant reductions to the drives' lifespan, can't really say if the flash they use is any more or less prone to that than that in "regular" drives.
  12. I was just going off what OP wrote, I didn't remember stockfish having a neural net either but it makes sense they would incorporate one eventually
  13. I mean it's kind of expected... the stats still look like this overall: (sauce)
  14. I said iOS apps. As in, apps that run on iOS. If you have an iOS phone you need iOS apps. Why do you have to go out of your way to twist the obvious meaning of a sentence just so you can call it a "lie"? Answer this simple question: can you or can you not install an app outside the app store on your iphone without jailbreaking it and voiding the warranty? What if you want to? Why does it need to come with the added baggage of only being allowed to buy apps from Apple directly? When the market is divided between a grand total of TWO platforms you should realize people can't choo
  15. I don't think this violates the license, neural network weights are not code. The GPL does force you to publish the entirety of your modifications to the actual code for free though so they had better be doing that, although unfortunately the GPL v3 is a bit more lenient in this regard than v2 was. If it's worse than stockfish use stockfish I guess
  16. Difference being that you can't buy iOS apps anywhere other than the App Store... Not that this is good business practice by Amazon but at least if I want to sell an audiobook I can theoretically go elsewhere. Not so with an iOS app. What happens when no publisher will let you use their stuff because you don't pay them enough to secure the rights to books they didn't write?
  17. A workaround for what, developers not implementing the feature? There's a reason it needs to be implemented, otherwise it would just always be automatic...
  18. Sauron

    Ok, now I can retire.  

    at least get to 6969
  19. If you tell it to "install ubuntu alongside windows" and point it to the SSD it should automatically find Windows and add it to your bootloader menu. If you want to erase windows you can format the partitions it resides on using a tool like gparted. After that you can either keep the leftover space as its own partition or extend other partitions on the same drive to fill the space (though this has a nonzero chance of data loss so you should make a backup first). You don't need to, you can format it in NTFS if you have the driver (I think Ubuntu comes with it preinstalled anyway
  20. You've run it and... what? If it was faster than just doing sleep x times that's because sleep doesn't actually do anything and other threads can be run while it's waiting.
  21. What makes you think this "bypasses" the GIL? If you have problems with the GIL you should just use multiprocessing or a python interpreter that isn't CPython.
  22. Older technology with larger nodes is more resistant to radiation. A lot of satellites still run on a 486. And of course there's the power consumption concern, don't want any more hardware than you need on something like this.