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  1. I still don’t see how this is going to manifest into any kind of performance gain vs a pc or Xbox. From my understanding of what he’s saying the ps5 has dedicated decompression hardware (even though zen is really good at decompression?) and less overhead when the gpu is trying to call assets from memory. This all sounds good but it doesn’t take into account the clear disadvantage such a system has vs a pc, that being that it’s system memory is gddr. My understanding is that the whole reason a pc has ddr(whatever) for system memory and the gpu has its own gddr(whatever) is that ddr is opt
  2. Reading the arstechnica article: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/04/samsung-embraces-vertical-videos-with-a-16000-vertical-tv/ The price is $1600 not $16k. It was only announced in South Korea so errors in translation (who really trusts Google translate?) are apparently to blame for the uncertainty. Either way Samsung aren't stupid. Nobody would pay 16k just for a rotating TV.
  3. Being unveiled and being released are completely different. Nobody expected Navi to be released until 2nd half 2019. Amd could have showed a teaser for Navi if they wanted to, we know it's near completion. It's seems however that they have a high number of defective mi60 cards that they need to sell so they released Radeon VII. They are not gonna be like "hey buy these cards now but in 7-9months time we are releasing a new, much better architecture". That's just bad business.
  4. That's Navi. Nobody was expecting that to be released until 2nd half of 2019
  5. He's not really. Gaming wise this thing performs the same as a gtx1080ti. That card was released 2 years ago. That's just a fact. Compute however will probably be a completely different story. I expect this thing to be a monster in compute workloads at that price
  6. Doesn't mean they should be allowed to be underbuilt. This is a complete joke. A bent product is a defective product. Why Apple allowed this past QC is beyond me.
  7. Basically my se215 fell out of my pocket somewhere on my commute to school today (rip) so im looking to replace them asap. I bought them a while back based on their recommendation on the recommended gear post. I did enjoy them but I'm they were the only decent pair of in ears I've ever had so I'm looking to see if anyone has any other recommendations. Around £100 is my budget but I'd go slightly over if they were worth it. Used my se215 alot both for commuting and listening at home so looking for quality.
  8. DISCRETE. Also it's more about half way between a 1050ti and a 1060
  9. Thats not an igpu. That's a GPU and a CPU and hmb2 on a single substrate. Normal igpus such as the ones in intel chips or AMD Apus have to use the drr4 which has much lower bandwidth. Unless amd Apus all come with hbm memory you will not see 1070 lvls of performance
  10. Don't know what budget you consider the average college student to have for a laptop but I can inform you that it is not $1200.
  11. XPS 15 would be my choice. Reapplying thermal paste and undervolting isn't that hard and there are many helpful guides for this exact laptop so just take it slow if you're unsure. If not then I'd say the new razer blade 15. You can get the 1080p 60hz display and a 256gb SSD option for $1900. Both are solid options.
  12. Didn't even see that whoops. Guess id pick the processor then.
  13. MacOs and gaming do not get along. On top of that you've no dedicated GPU to speak of in the 13' MacBook Pro. Imo the matebook X pro is better suited to your needs. The 2018 MacBook Pro costs over $2000 to get just one of the upgrades. The Matebook gives you a 512gb SSD, the same i7 and 16gb of ram AND an mx150 all for under $2000. The mx150 will really help out in gaming.
  14. Matebook X pro seems to be getting everyone's recommendation this year. It's got the build quality and portability of a MacBook while packing some very good hardware for the price.
  15. Ikr can't we all just be happy for amd and the market instead of turning this into some fanboy showdown