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    Afterburner reacted to slifer in Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY   
    WAIT HOLD UP. WE DONT WANT LINUS'S PERSONAL PC. The case has a lot of meaning to him guys. It was a gift from his wife. I believe it was the first gift from her too.
    EDIT: Thanks for all the likes guys! Hopefully Linus or someone from LMG will read this and this will make Linus keep his build. Even if the goal of 100k is made we should convince Linus to do another build maybe, with signatures from the whole LMG family and maybe even his wife. This would let Linus keep the build he has with the special case his wife gave him. Besides, his personal PC would be more special to him than us.
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    Afterburner reacted to DKims in Can't Decide On One   
    I thought that was just a Phantom series problem.
    Anyway now I'm just stuck between the H440 (white/black because it would look awesome with blue leds) and the Define R4 (same reasoning)
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    Afterburner reacted to heavygrounds in UV LEDs?   
    Thank you
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    Afterburner got a reaction from heavygrounds in UV LEDs?   
    Like W-L said, LEDs are pretty directional, so if you just want UV lights, not LEDs specifically , then I would suggest buying cold cathodes. I've just bought the 30cm Revoltec UV twinset two weeks ago, and they are awesome!
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    Afterburner reacted to dizmo in The TRUE Epic build - SLI TITAN Z, 6 TB SSD   
    Builds like this don't even make me jealous.
    Just seems like a pointless waste of money.
    I guess if you've got it, why not, but still.
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    Afterburner reacted to Freaky_spider in Should I wait for the 800 series?   
    nope, its never worth waiting unless its 2 weeks, technology moves to fast to wait for something.
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    Afterburner reacted to darthrevan13 in Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!   
    Funniest sponsor ever:

    I had to watch a review for the giveaway card so:

    Anyway, even if I don't win, you guys are the best
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    Afterburner reacted to NatCat in Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!   
    This video showed me how amazing Caselabs Cases and Dual loop watercooling really is.
    Favorite JayzTwoCents Video:
    This tells me what display connector is what and and some rumors for newer revisions of different display connectors and advantages of different connectors and gave me a sneekpeek at HDMI 2.0 and Displayport 1.3
    Favorite Techquickie Video: