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  1. Ah, that's the benefit of having been here from the beginning. I've already read the entire thing
  2. Crunchy Dragon

    Destiny 2 appears to be one wretchedly screwy g…

    Welcome to the wacky world of Destiny 2, where even the game hates you. If the game could teabag you in Crucible, it would do it. Every time.
  3. Right, folks on Twitter are generally pretty horny kind of all the time, this just seems like another way for them to monetize it. Envisioning a "sub to my OF for exclusive content you won't see on Twitter, super follow me here exclusive content you won't see anywhere else" type of deal.
  4. Without giving away too much, this is kind of how it goes. Bot spam and regular spam/advertising are different things, and it's important to make the distinction between them as it can impact our action going forward with the report.
  5. Crunchy Dragon

    Me while banning the same spambot for the 100th…

    Pepperidge Farm remembers
  6. I honestly don't remember, it's been a long time. sup.
  7. It's been very many years since I have, but yes.
  8. -Thread locked- Post in the correct subforums, please. Also, this is better suited as a status update.
  9. -Thread locked- Material is better suited as a status update. There is some good discussion happening here, but I would recommend creating a new thread asking your questions over in New Builds and Planning. If you just want to vent, you can use status updates on your profile page for that.
  10. Crunchy Dragon

    2011 13" MacBook Air update: it works great! It…

  11. You could probably find a cheap laptop and throw Linux on it, which would likely be better than building a dedicated system for it.
  12. Crunchy Dragon


    -Thread locked- Material is better suited as a status update.
  13. Either way, this is not in the hands of the forum staff. -Thread locked- @SrNoScope: contact Momo#1111 on Discord for Discord-related issues.
  14. @Energycore we need a pfp change from you bb
  15. This is really funny for a reason that you will never find out