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  1. I love playing with 60 FPS, but I Can play games down to 30, but below that I will not tolerate. So I voted 35+ FPS
  2. Half the games require additional log ins? I doubt that. I do agree that it is useless to most peple and a niche feature for a specific small group of people, however - valve never specified otherwise. That they took this up and did Something about it is good enough, one step further than Microsoft and Sony. These guys don't want you to lend games at it is, even physical copies. They just want to sell more and more, if valve prevents a more growing income then publishers would look elsewhere, nobody wants that. I agree though, would love to be able to share at least 1 game while I am playi
  3. Hehe, no problem. Yeah I am never a picky mouse gamer, I go with something that fits in my hand and looks good, pretty much it. DPI is highy overrated if you ask me. I actually returned the 2013 deathadder to my store, the plastic made some squeak sounds that made me go insane. I will try another one in the store to see if it was related to this specific one, if not - I will get something else than deathadder!
  4. I put the 2 RAMs of my first rig in two different color coded slots. The motherboard did not like that and refused to operate. Me and some friends could not find the issue, so I turned it into service and they charged me 500 SEK (~60€, 75$) for just taking one of the RAMs and placing it in another slot. Sigh, embarrassing mistake, I was only 15 though so I guess I have learned since.
  5. My current rig, which is the second generation gaming rig for me, have gone without any fancy LED's, windowed case or water cooling. I am planning on making the 3rd generation full tower, water cooled and open for the eyes to see. Not yet though, so I vote no for the time being.
  6. Hey. I am a solid PC gamer and tech geek. I am 20 years old and I work in retail (gadgets and electronics), I am self-learned when it comes to PC's as I am sure most here are. Build my first computer 2007, with a Nvidia GeForce 9600GT and an intel dual core 2 duo. January this year I purchased my new rig (specs in the signature), I know the basics about computers, nothing fancy really. Been watching Linus for a couple of months, but I didn't bother with the forums until know. Been looking around and posted some so far, and it seems like a promising community with shared interests. I have a
  7. Sorry for the bad quality. Specs are in my signature. I am in a transition between the 3.5G 3500dpi DeathAdder and the 2013 6400dpi one. That's why I have two.
  8. 250 SEK (~30€, $36) for Broadband, 100 mbit/s down and up to 20 mbit/s up. This subscription also includes good ol' classic "hard-line" telephone (or whatever that is called), and a basic set of cable TV channels. I do not use the telephone or watch TV, so this subscription is pretty bad for me. We've had it for several years now though (5 years maybe), and I think it's time to call my provider and try get a better deal. I usually get a good solid 5-7 MB/s download rate, mostly capped from wherever I download stuff. On Steam I have gotten 11 MB/s as record. I pay around 150 SEK (~19€,
  9. Family Sharing is neat feature, but it's target to a specific group of people. I don't see myself using this, not until I got a kid old enough to game for him/her-self. Even then, I better have spend my hard earned money on my steam account for Myself! My kids better not be spoiled to use that
  10. Haha, Me and a friend loves Anno 1404, and we play it often together. There's this advisor that pops up every 2 hours to say something like "You've been playing for 2 hours straight, go get a coffee!" and gradually it gets more serious. "You have played 8 hours in a row, maybe time for a nap?". We always joked about him and that he would completely go nuts as an easter egg "YOU'VE PLAYED FOR 12 HOURS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? GO TO BED FFS!". Yes, we played Anno 1404 for 12 hours straight, over the entire evening, night and following morning. Sadly the advisor kept formal and boring.
  11. This thread surprises me. I do have a HTC One myself, but I was guessing something like 45% votes for HTC One and 55% for S4. Is this because Linus have been using the HTC One for awhile, or is it genuinely the better product?
  12. I see. a lot longer than I expected. Well, I might not be able to wait that long
  13. I am a PC gamer (obviously), although I can not deny my interest in having the current gen consoles. I have already acquired the Xbox 360, but I am looking to get me a PS3. It might be a obvious to pick it up around the launch of PS4, or maybe a month later. I feel like asking anyway, when do you think the PS3 will be taken off the market? Surely it will not have the same life span as the PS2?
  14. I bought a 360 last December for around $170 USD, I kind of regret not waiting one more year because of it's prominent price drop. I have yet to played a single game on it, lol.
  15. Pretty much a crossover between my previous username: Cheerio and Mendoza for some reason. Lately I have started to question my decision for this username, but it's kind of late when you are registered all over the internet. Some people take me for Hispanic origin, but that is not the case. You can call me Mendo.