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  1. I mean...1080 on (basically) a 27" screen is not a lot, especially for text, thats why I would prefer the 1440 version which is again around 1000€
  2. Sorry for the super late answer. I get around 60 (+- a bit) in GTA V (on Linux tho), which is what I am playing mostly. BTW does it make a difference that I'm running the GTX980ti in PCIe 3.0 8x? That looks actually really good. Does anyone have it already? I also looked at the Samsung C49HG90DMU (32:9, 144Hz, 1080) but I think that 1080 pixels are not enough for a monitor that size. Any other suggestions? Thank you so much!
  3. Yes, thank you so much! but the price....
  4. Thanks for the answer, your monitor looks really goog and has nice features. I am relatively flexible with the price but I would prefer to not spend 1000€ on the monitor. (Lets say 600-700 max) Also I will leave the GPU for now and wait another two or three years before I build a whole new computer. Still have an i7-4770K and in combination with the graphics card it is still enough for me at the moment.
  5. Pretty much the low profile case and the flat keycaps. I don't care about RGB
  6. Hey, I'm looking for a new Monitor to replace my old garbage 2x24" 1080p ones, I have been looking at the Samsung ones and I quite liked them. Maybe someone has some suggestions. What should it feature? -21:9 Ultrawide -1440p (the ultrawide version of that) -plain design, nothing gamer-looking -ideally more than 60 Hz -ideally G-Sync (or is freesync compatible with a 980ti? Wasn't there something?) It will be used for occasional gaming and photo editing, but I'm not super picky about the colour accuracy. It just shouldn't be terrible. Thank
  7. Hey, I'm looking for a new keyboard in the style of the Cooler Master SK650, but it should be wireless and ideally have a volume knob. (And a matching wireless mouse would be super awesome). At the moment I am trying to nake my setup look a bit cleaner. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  8. The stream didn't work at all for me (constantly buffering) 100/50 connection in germany...
  9. Well, I'm using the Beoplay B4 on my PC with some generic BT 2.0 adapter from a couple years ago, and it works fine. Audio quality is as good as on my smartphone.