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  1. dgtL

    Smoke in your eye

    Those studies are outdated. lets try a little more up to date. http://blog.casaa.org/2013/08/new-study-confirms-that-chemicals-in.html
  2. dgtL

    Smoke in your eye

    Can you please point me to any "scientific study" that shows vaping to be worse than smoking.
  3. and you have to figure ppl buying adobe software have some money to steal! xDDD
  4. i only hope for the well being of humanity this is true, but i have my doubts.
  5. for the budget you said i could see the r4 being a good choice. but i just love corsair cases
  6. nah. i wouldnt think so.
  7. Kuzma said it. thread can be closed. haha, jk. but its true imo
  8. i agree op, its a crap shoot how they are marking them up so high
  9. idc what anyone says i <3 my spectre pros. at 7 they always spin up and run quiet plus they still do a great job cooling
  10. mech keys use stabilizers for longer keys so they will feel a little diff.
  11. you can get different orings some change the feel some dont but they all help reduce the noise from bottoming out a cherry key. The springs are in every cherry mx key so by changing them you can change the force needed to actuate the key. i basically made my keys blacks by adding 65g actuation force springs.