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    US of A
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    making obscure jokes and fixing macs then breaking them (usually on accident)
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    siht od uoy nac tub
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    Ryzen 3700x
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    MSI MAG Mortar B550 Wifi
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    32gb DDR4
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    Rx 580 Nitro 4gb
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    Corsair 280X RGB
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    10 year old 5200rpm hard drive
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    700w Thermaltake
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    Reddragon vara with the blue switches
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    cooler master cm storm
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    Linux Mint Cinamon 20.1
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    2020 Macbook Pro

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  1. I have an MSI MAG b550 Mortar WIFI and the other day audio inputs and outputs in both Windows and Linux(Mint 20.1 if it matters) vanished, thus not a driver issue. Digital audio still shows as an output although i have not tried it and both HDMI and Bluetooth audio work, however front and rear jacks both in and out have gone missing. I've tried BIOS updates, enabling and disabling onboard audio, rebuilding the system on a box, however symptoms remain. I don't know if the tool works but in the bios there is a tool that shows you what ports are connected and disconnected and those jacks do not s
  2. Came home from college for break to discover my family's wifi router has degraded in performance. Ethernet is still pulling the full 110MB/s that we used to get but i can barely get 1MB/s out of the 2.4ghz wifi. ive tried changing network name to make sure no devices were sucking up the connection, and changing the channel to a less congested one, but the problem persists. I tried the 5ghz channel and that is getting 10MB/s with just my one device. I cant play games and im desperate... help... edit: for clarity when i changed the name i ran a speed test with just my phone connected
  3. would something like this be smarter https://www.ebay.com/itm/THERMALTAKE-SMART-600W-SP-600AH2NKW-ATX12V-EPS12V-DESKTOP-POWER-SUPPLY-PSU/123973231229?hash=item1cdd61627d%3Ag%3AU0kAAOSwhBFdysmt&LH_ItemCondition=3000#viTabs_0
  4. this is my old unit for anyone wondering https://brainerd.craigslist.org/sop/d/baxter-thermaltake-430w-psu-power-supply/7022852915.html
  5. i found PhysX being an advertised use funny AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t ASRock 890x pro 3 EVGA (i think) gtx 960 FTW and some random 2.5in hard drive i had lying around
  6. so my pc is currently running on the edge of its 430w power supply (previous owner jumped the 6 pin pci plug to an 8 pin for the GPU) and i would like to do some overclocking to give this machine some life. so i realize i need a new power supply but im on a very tight budget and i don't use this system enough to warrant spending alot on parts. so i went to the used markets and found https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/sop/d/victoria-bfg-1000-watt-power-supply/7022102404.html which ive heard of the brand once on an LTT scrapyard wars lol. Should i get it as the wattage rating is way more the
  7. well its more the fact that the drivers don't exist rather then the hardware but none the less i got it going now. thanks y'all for the help as its my first pc and may be the start of my switch from macOS. After my battle with macOS just to make a install usb for windows (ended up just making a linux drive then using that to make the windows drive) i feel i might just stay with windows instead of switching back and forth.
  8. When i first booted into BIOS and saw the speck list i was shocked it didn't natively support Windows 10. Its kinda funny because i don't own a computer newer then 2013 and my daily drivers an 09 mac pro.
  9. So someone gave me an old system (actually my first non macOS system) and it didn't have any drives in it. Luckily i had an old drive lying around but it dosent have an operating system installed. The system has an AMD Phenom X6 1055t installed in a ASRock 890GM Pro3 board and 16gb of Ram and i've been told this system can only go to windows 7. Is this true and if it is why?
  10. The audio for Bluetooth is on WiFi? My Bluetooth earbuds did work normally.
  11. I just got Bluetooth working but nothing else. Is Bluetooth on a separate chip?
  12. so... i plugged my 2013 MacBook pro into a mixer and left phantom power on. It caused a spark while plugging in the jack and now all my audio outputs and inputs including internal speakers and headphone jack have disappeared from not just system settings but audio MIDI as well. Did i just kill my MacBook or is this a software issue?
  13. is there any way to flash the card in macOS? I'm starting to revisit the idea and if i can't do it by myself i have a friend who might have me upgrade his GPU so i would have a PC around for a few days.
  14. the computer itself works its just memory slots 1-4 that don't work anymore. all of these belong to CPU A (dual socket system) so i wonder if i got a bad CPU (should i ask for a partial refund?)
  15. so i have a flashed 2009 mac pro. i have been slowly upgradeing it with the final upgrade being cpus. i had 48gb of ram (6x8gb dims of Samsung M393B1K70BH1-CF8 ECC 1066mhz ddr3) but after i put in my cpus, which involved 2 days of fighting it since it was just refusing to POST with my 8gb dims and thinking my processor board was dead, I'm now left with all of my memory slots on cpu A not working and my 8gb dims causing my system to fail POST even with my old CPUs. i would be kinda fine with it but right now im stuck with my old all 4 of my 2gb dims in my only 4 working slots. my only theory is