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  1. I’m running the Evga 2080ti hybrid kit. temp is really good, can stay 2030mhz all time. however i think framerate improvement is negligible. i don’t think invest 150 dollar and more for 5% fps improvement is that good a deal.
  2. Well, did u have it set up correctly on the focurite? If i remember correctly 2020 need 48v phantom power make sure that’s enabled?
  3. Well Qihoo 360 has been around for like 20 years in China. They used to make those computer optimize and clean software, later got into anti-virus and even browser (use Ie core and Chrome core) They were considered absolutely spyware around 8 years ago, however nobody in China cares. Their software was really good, and literally everyone including their mom install 360 right after windows installation. Yah i can’t really dig up those infos from decade ago, and I seriously don’t remember the details that people discovered in their 360 software that is concret
  4. To me that sounds like DNS issue. Because for speedtest, it find the nearest test server which is usually your ISP, and speed is good. And if u go Google or other site, it is a remote server, and rely on a lot more routes. try set your DNS from ISP to google’s
  5. Oh whoops i think I fked up the number. I forgot my threadripper is quad channel.
  6. So right now the intel 10th gen G series are the newest that goes up to 25w for quad core 10nm. The 10th gen U series are old arch don’t buy that. graphic side u either go at least a 1660, or just don’t get one. The 10650G7 graphic is quite nice but no where near a 1660 (around 30%) ram the 10th gen G series all have 3733mhz support, look for those. brand I would recommend checking out Dell xps, Lenovo X1, hp. if your budget is big, the 16 inch mackbook pro is quite good.
  7. Is my electricity just cheap or something? It really wasn't as high as I thought
  8. yah totally free right now, i just turned on the 8 Xeon core too since I can preserve the folding progress, no reason not to lol
  9. nope this is basically a hack, i also need to set up auto hot key so the session think I'm still playing fortnite in geforce now.
  10. the y are all Tesla P40, basically i would say around 700k ppd? not so sure about ppd i can't really measure it
  11. I finally remembered geforce now service, now running 2 instance of it
  12. i just sold my r9 280x pc, but i overclocked my vega 56... so overall i should be able to keep up