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    Core i7 930
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    12GB G-Skill Ripjaws 2133
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  1. i cant even stand anything over 24fps in a cinema. it feels more fake for some reason.
  2. well i got a S9+ so i dont see the need to adopt S10+ just yet maybe S12+ will be that phone i gots to have
  3. nah, itll just fade away like it did in the past until the time is right for it to br brought back with a whole new title
  4. im not sure on the numbers but it kinda makes sense phones are epensive and now that there isnt as much of a jump per year combined with the fact that phones performance outpace user demands most average users done see the need to update ever year, i had a S6 went to a S9+ im not contemplating updating for 2 years still unless my phone dies and i cannot get a replacement or something truly revolutionary like something 5 times faster than a S9+ comes out.
  5. so the Current A Chip in the new Mac Mini but clocked higher due to less heat restructions
  6. Eroda

    Best ISP?

    so im thinking of moving away from my ISP service of almost 2 decades as its becoming quite tedious to deal with them since they were sold off(they want to charge me $25 a year when since i have my internet with them ($80/month) it should guarantee me a free account but apparently not). Gmail or Microsoft im unsure thesedays who would be a better choice, google seems to be into some more shady stuff these days and MS is just the same old hat. serious suggestions please i would even pay a small ammount if there was a secure service for $5-10 dollars a year
  7. a superlight 4 motor car designed using 90% carbon fibre so it weighs as little as possible
  8. that was literally the point, adding something like this is pointless because it wont stop anything. especially from chinese sites intel has no chance of enforcing anything
  9. they could literally say 10 million dollar fines and there will still be benchmarks, especially from chinese sites, China gives no fucks
  10. unconventional so runs hot and slower than a 1080?
  11. its obvious Core is EoL they started work on a new non core mArch last year or year before they probably just trying their best to be super competitive until they can rebound and go back to being clearly better than AMD. lets hope they do so AMD has to step it up and come back at intel so we dont get another 4-5 years of lame incremental improvements
  12. like maybe you could topple MS but Sony and Nintendo have To Much Exclusive content that they can probably survive and if push comes to shove they would rather work together both being Japanese Companys
  13. wasnt the whole koth battle royale thing in H1Z1 Also so maybe Daybreak should sue pubG
  14. could quite iterally be a Wafer of a "dGPU"
  15. just because they could be unveiling it doesnt mean they have a product. maybe this is the annoucement stating their intent ( because they already have been working on it )