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  1. Hey guys! After having my i5 4690K for a long time I though it was time to try overclocking. My motherboard is a MSI Z97-g45 gaming. I saw a simple guide online to follow. However when entering bios to OC settings I can't change my CPU Ratio. It just seems to be locked at Auto. I dont know which setting to change to allow overclocking? Does anybody know? Thanks
  2. Ye, it's the biggest I can fit. Otherwise I would have gone for pro
  3. No problem. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for everything.
  4. Hi, I would recommend you try to debug your components to see if and what component is causing these problems, there really isn't any other way. Try getting your hands on another graphics card to start with, and see if the problem remain. Best of luck
  5. Ye, exactly It has ok max temps but I am annoyed at sound Will try settings, if that doesn't satifsy me, I will go for the Dark Rock 4! Thanks for all the help
  6. I am gaming, but I want a quiet PC. I don't see how my use would change the need for a quieter system. Thanks for information.
  7. I really wanted to have a quiet system. I will try these setting, would it be worth to switch to a Dark Rock 4 instead?
  8. Really... ok, I just didn't expect it to be this loud.
  9. Hi guys, just installed a ryzen 3700X with a Hyper 212 Black edition. Although what I noticed was very hot idle tempretures, ~50°. Although when doing cpu stresstest it didnt reach 70°. The 3700X is advortised as a 65 watt CPU so the 212 should have no problem cooling it. But I can't understand why its running so hot and it is making my system very loud. Cpu-cooler ramping up and down all the time, really annoying. I though it would be quiet, any idea why its so loud/hot? Thanks.
  10. Will try, need to watch some youtube videos first. Thanks
  11. Hi, I just added two more ram sticks to my build. I made sure they were the same, speed, CL15 etc. They are Corsair Veangance RGB Pro 3000Mhz CL15 8GB sticks. So 4 x 8GB. I run them on my Asus x470-tuf gaming motherboard. For some reason when selecting Profile #1 in D.O.C.P @3000Mhz the PC just start/dies a couple times then report a message that something failed, that it could be Unstable. (The 3000mhz profile worked perfect before when I only had 2 modules) But when I dont use DOCP the system seems to be running at 2133Mhz and it works as no
  12. *update* Re-applied, reaches 80° but the fans seems to be running a bit slower. I am satisfied.