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  1. Hey everyone! My older Sony BDV-N7200W cinema set recently gave up on me so I'm looking for a new one. So I thought with all the current discounts it would be a good time to buy one now. I have pretty much 0 knowledge when it comes to this, hence why I'm asking for help. The requirements: - Has to be a home cinema set - Preferably 5.1 - Preferably with Bluetooth Usage will mostly be watching regular TV and shows/movies. The budget is around $800 but not set. Looking forward to your recommendations!
  2. Sadly this changed nothing. I was playing around again and changed my screen resolution to 800x600 and the red text looked fine again (just like when I zoomed in on the screenshot). But when I switched it back to 1080p it's pixelated again. I just don't understand how this only effects the red color. I've been Googling for the past hours and just can't find a single person that has anything to close to my issue...
  3. I have 2 DP ports on my card and it doesn't change anything when I swap between them, so I don't think the card is the issue (luckily). Tried doing the ClearType thing but it also didn't seem to fix anything. Could you check out my message above yours? I found something out and maybe it will help us ?
  4. I just found something out. I was playing around and started zooming in and out on this picture: When I look at it at 100% zoom the red looks pixelated BUT when I start zooming in it starts looking to what it used to look like. I'm not sure how this helps but it's really weird that it does this. It basically means that the color red is somehow zoomed out, but how I'm going to fix this? Not a goddamn clue.
  5. Made 2 more pictures to try and explain it better: First one you can see what I mean with the color difference (left is the monitor with the issue, right is my 2nd monitor): https://imgur.com/a/0cSAXxX Second picture you can see a new issue I just noticed. For some reason it puts colors behind white text: https://imgur.com/a/bU51uaA
  6. I'm re-installing the drivers for the graphics card as we speak but I doubt that will fix the issue. I'm using a NVIDIA card, the GTX 1070. With this display you can't set the refresh rate to 144hz while using HDMI, only to 120hz. I also doubt it has to do with the color or scaling settings as it would change every color, and not just red and blue. The problem is that when I plug in the HDMI cable the colors are fine (but then I can't use 144hz). It's like the red colors and blue colors are pixalted/low resolution.
  7. Let me explain what I mean with Red is not working fine. It looks like the color Red is not anti-aliased, or that it's pixelated. The color itself looks good, it's just that it looks pixelated. EDIT: Blue also seems to be pixelated/not anti-aliased. Maybe pixelated isn't the right word but it looks low res.
  8. So I bought a new cable and that wasn't the issue. It's only the color Red that seems to be 'broken'. Anything else I can try guys?
  9. Hey there. I'm having an issue with my monitor that just started randomly. For some reason after restarting my computer yesterday the colors seem to be off. For the most part it's Red and Green that display a bit weird. Here's a picture where you can see everything looks fine, except for red: https://imgur.com/a/NPCBuYT It's like anti-aliasing is off. It's an AOC G2460PF monitor connected with a DisplayPort. I've tried everything except changing the cable itself. When I plug in an HDMI cable the colors are fine (but i cant use 144hz). Do I need to buy a new cable
  10. Turned out it was the firmware that needed to be updated.
  11. Hey there, I'm having issues with my SSD. For some reason I'm only getting around 15-30 MB/s read speeds while I'm still getting ~500 MB/s write speeds with my Crucial MX300 525GB. It used to work fine but I noticed everything stored on my SSD being slower than normal and I just noticed the read speeds are so low. Could anyone please help me fix this? I have no clue what the issue is.
  12. They don't Edit: I'm guessing it has to do with the link in the description as when I clicked it it said the code was invalid.
  13. @FrankCai Would love to know if you found a fix for this or if anyone else did. I'm also having the exact same problem.